As a nationwide polygraph services provider, it’s interesting to note that tests enquiries increase when something hits the headlines.  Here are the top 3 reasons people order lie detector tests in Plymouth.


In August this year Illicit Encounters published what they refer to as an ‘Infidelity Index’. Their website dedicates bringing married people together who want affairs.  The index revealed that over 10,000 people were registered on the site in Plymouth.  This equated to 4 percent of the entire population of the area. Our phones didn’t stop ringing when this story was published in the Plymouth Herald.  Many husbands and wives booked lie detector tests in Plymouth to find out if their partners were members of the site and cheating.

Theft from the workplace

When an employee of Boots issued fake refunds to the chemist’s customers, and kept the money an investigation ensued.  Natasha Muir blamed a colleague for stealing from the till. This seems silly since the presence of the other employee in the store is easy to check.  And CCTV confirmed Muir was on the till at the times the refunds were issued. Reported in Devon Live News we saw a sharp rise in enquiries from retailers for lie detector tests in Plymouth.

The types of test enquired about ranged from pre-employment screening to periodic polygraph tests for existing employees.

Stealing from family

The Daily Mail published an horrendous article. It was about Paul Roylance who stole money from his widowed mother Shelley, aged 60. So much money that she wasn’t left with enough money to buy food.  This resulted in her having to sell her jewellery in order to buy some basics. This included her engagement and wedding rings. in order to buy some basics. She was suffering from mental health issues. Sadly her son took advantage of the situation. Receiving a 20 month prison term it is hard to imagine a worse crime.

However, we certainly dealt with a number of enquiries from people suffering similar experiences after the matter was made public.

How the lie detector tests in Plymouth helped

In the first instance it helps for people to unburden their suspicions to an impartial polygraph examiner.  They may have suspected deceit or dishonesty for some time before finally making the decision to do something about it.

The formulation of questions which the examiner asks, helps them understand the best way forward to learn the truth.

In many cases people and businesses don’t want publicity and often the polygraph test will elicit a confession.  Even when a person has stolen from a member of their own family, it’s unusual for them to want to involve the police.  Sometimes it’s possible to repair the damage and restore trust after a period of time.

Our service is confidential and we will never share information with anyone other than the person who instructs us.  If you have a problem you’d like to resolve call us for an informal chat.  To order a lie detector test in Plymouth or elsewhere in the UK, you can book the test online using our secure, simple to use system.