There is a good chance you have seen at least one episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show or other reality shows featuring polygraph tests. These shows offer a free test effectively for entertainment purposes. From our records most people choose private lie detector tests in Newbury, and elsewhere in the UK, because airing ‘dirty laundry’ in public is the least favourable option. In the past year all our Newbury clients have told us they wouldn’t remotely consider it.

The Jeremy Kyle Show is one of the most-watched weekday morning TV shows and regularly makes the headlines. You might think that one thing the show tells us is that a lot of people are more than happy to have lie detector test results publicised on air. But, what is worth remembering is that this show is actually only a small snapshot of people who do make that choice. The considerable majority would not choose to go on reality shows to take this type of test!

Embarrassing and humiliating

Whilst it is fair to say there is a minority of people who do not mind having their issues (some quite extreme) broadcast on primetime TV, most would rather not. By doing so they are showcasing their lives to the average viewer, who in many circumstances will be forming their own opinions and judgment. But they are also shining a spotlight on themselves to friends, family and workmates! How embarrassed would you be if your colleagues saw you being accused of theft by a family member, irrespective of being proven innocent by the test?

Taking a polygraph test can help people take a positive step forward in their relationships or other elements of their lives where truth needs to be sought. All of our clients who have taken lie detector tests in Newbury have done so in private with trained professionals rather than on TV.

Adding more stress to a strained situation

Another reason why people choose to avoid taking the TV route is that it causes extra strain to the proceedings. Think about it this way – imagine you were involved in your latest drama, and then you have the stress of being in front of a live TV audience. Add a host who does not mince words and an environment that is set up to create extra drama around the results of the lie detector test. Then you may become all-too-aware of the viewers at home watching the whole thing unfold. It can have a negative impact on one’s self-esteem and mental health.

Yes, there are some who will enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame. But in general, most people realise that an appearance on The Jeremy Kyle Show is not a ticket to fame and fortune. It’s more likely to be a ticket to infamy. Anyone with a genuine situation that could benefit from the use of a lie detector test will invariably choose to take it privately. The results remain confidential rather than being shared with strangers who are largely watching purely for ‘entertainment’ value.

Once seen never forgotten

It is worth remembering that episodes of reality shows are not only broadcast once but endlessly repeated each year. So your story and your polygraph results will be aired again and again. This is another understandable reason the majority of people choose not to appear on TV.

Lie detector tests in Newbury

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