This year we have seen a considerable rise in the use of lie detector tests in London for employee theft. A sensitive issue, theft in the workplace needs to be handled discreetly. The suspect cannot be immediately alerted to the measures put in place to terminate their nefarious activities. Otherwise an employer might find that they are closing the stable door when the horse has bolted.

How to identify an employee who is stealing from you

Standard behaviour of employees who defraud or steal from businesses falls into 3 main types of behaviour:

  1. They don’t take holidays when they are entitled to them. Whilst this may be a commendable trait showing how totally committed they are to the firm, it is not normal. Everyone needs time off from work but the employee engaged in theft worries that during their absence someone might find out what they have been doing.
  2. Most companies keep some cash on the premises for incidentals. More frequent requests for petty cash top ups and a consistent lack of reconciliation indicates something is wrong.
  3. You might think that having to order more office supplies and stationery is no big deal. But it all adds up if you don’t monitor it. Stationery orders that exceed what you would expect could mean that an employee is using your letterhead for fraudulent purposes. If so, the damage that could be done to your reputation is immeasurable.

How to deal with theft in the workplace

CCTV is a good way of monitoring what goes on in the workplace but it’s not infallible. Unless you have cameras absolutely everywhere an employee intent on theft will find a way round the cameras. This is not to say you shouldn’t have them but you need more to catch a committed thief.

Employing security surveillance staff works to some extent but it’s expensive and creates an oppressive atmosphere in the office. When people consider they are under scrutiny they can become nervous even when they are doing nothing wrong. Security personnel have their place in retail stores and many other situations but for office environments they’re not ideal.
Pre-employment and ongoing screenings are great methods of ensuring you employ the best people and keeping them committed to honesty, integrity, loyalty and your own company values.

Lie detector tests in London

As part of the pre-employment screening process, polygraph examinations complete the profile of candidates. Background checks and CVs reveal part of what you want to know in terms of qualifications, employment history and whether or not there has been any criminal activity. But how do you know there are no lies in the CV? You also won’t know about spent criminal convictions with a basic background check. A lie detector test will fill in the blanks in relation to the character and integrity of a job applicant.

Ongoing screenings of employees are possible if you include the process in their contracts of employment. Random tests can be conducted at regular intervals. They are by far the best way of ensuring that not only do you have honest employees but they will remain so.

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