Case Study | Lie Detector Tests in Corby expose Boyfriend and Sister’s Betrayal

May 20, 2020

Lie Detector Tests in Corby expose Boyfriend and Sister’s Betrayal

When sibling rivalry got out of control, a mother booked two lie detector tests in Corby to put an end to it. The polygraph results gave them a lot to talk about.

Jenna’s Case

Jenna and Carol where the best of friends and had been since junior school. They did most things together, even dating. They’d always organise to have double dates and seemed to get on with each other’s partners quite well. Their families were close but one day Donna, Jenna’s sister, suggested there might be something going on between Graham, Jenna’s boyfriend, and Carol. Jenna thought she was just stirring.

Sibling rivalry

Jenna fell out with her sister over the accusations she’d made. She had always been jealous of Jenna’s friendship with Carol. Donna was a bit of a loner and didn’t have many friends to speak of. She was only a year older than Jenna and appeared to tag along to most of the parties and sometimes even their dates.

The fall out made things awkward and you could cut the atmosphere in the house with a knife.  Their parents had told them to get along and spend more time together, to the annoyance of Jenna.

No nonsense mother

Donna relayed her feelings about Carol to their mother who decided that she couldn’t take the squabbling and moaning any more.  She booked two lie detector tests in Corby, one each for Donna and Graham.

Jenna’s mother wanted to know if Graham was cheating but she also wanted to know if her Donna was making things up. She realised that one lie detector test would do, but there were other things Donna said about Jenna, like she’d been out drinking and taking drugs. Jenna was only 17 and her mother thought initially that Donna was showing sisterly concern, but she was always causing trouble.  ‘Grassing up’ her sister was a regular occurrence which often resulted in Jenna being grounded.

Lie detector tests in Corby

The polygraph tests took place the following week and the results were returned the next day. They all knew there would be things to talk about when they opened them but they hadn’t expected what they read.

Graham had been seeing someone behind Jenna’s back, but it wasn’t Carol. Donna had broken down and admitted it was her that had been having an affair with her sister’s boyfriend, and it had been going on for quite a while.

Donna had planned the whole thing. She was getting Jenna into trouble so that she could sneak around behind her sister’s back with Graham. She’d told her she thought Carol was having an affair with him to take the heat away from her. She even thought if she split them up, it might clear the way for her.

Jenna broke up with Graham and although she is furious with her sister, blood is blood. They’re not as close as they used to be but at least Jenna has her freedom back and isn’t constantly getting into trouble over fictional issues.

At 18 Donna has had her privileges, such as the use of the family car and her allowance, taken away. Her mother has said she’s an adult and if she doesn’t like it then she can move out and try life all by herself.

East Midlands Polygraph Service

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