It is with regret that Lie Detector Test UK Limited is suspending its polygraph services with immediate effect. This is due to the most recent government directives issued by Boris Johnson, PM regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus).

It effectively morally and ethically prevents us from providing polygraph services to our clients.

Lie detector tests that have already been booked can be rescheduled until such time as the coronavirus pandemic settles down.

The Prime Minister’s full ministerial broadcast

Safety first

We ask the public not to be tempted to look elsewhere for a polygraph test. Companies still doing tests for monetary gains need to cease their irresponsible activities. The safety of the public is foremost. Correct morals and ethics must be maintained across the board.

We thought long and hard before taking the step to suspend our services. We are aware that this may inconvenience some people who desperately need tests to be done and for this, we apologise.

However, we want to protect you as our clients from being exposed to the virus when visiting our offices. Whilst we could conduct lie detector tests at your homes, this only applies if all our environmental conditions are met. Unfortunately most homes won’t currently meet the criteria, with many people confined to their homes. A residential test requires complete peace and quiet, preferably with no one and nothing to interrupt the test. Interruptions such as noise, visitors, dogs barking etc., can render the results inconclusive.

In addition, since we have to place our polygraph equipment on subjects such as cuffs and sensors, this means that our polygraph examiners would be in closer contact than is currently allowed.

We are aware that our polygraph examiners are currently not showing any symptoms of the virus. Nevertheless until testing is available to all we feel that it is ethically and morally correct to reduce any exposure to the virus for clients and examiners alike.

Monitoring developments and Government directives, we aim to make our polygraph services available as soon as it is safe to administer them.

COVID-19 updates

Our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin will be regularly updated as will our blog. For more information please contact our free helpline on 07572 748364. Our polygraph examiners  will still be available for advice via our blog so please write to us using the contact form on our  website.

Stay safe.

Christine Greenwood
Managing Director
Lie Detector Test UK