Lie Detector Test UK supports all serving and fallen British Police Officers

Aug 8, 2020

Lie Detector Test UK supports all serving and fallen British Police Officers

A quick search on YouTube reveals hours of footage showing British police officers being attacked and injured. It is uploaded from members of the general public filmed on their phones or from police body cams. Lie Detector Test UK supports all serving and fallen British Police Officers.

PC Andrew Harper

The appalling death of newly married PC Andrew Harper shocked the nation.  Dragged behind a car for in excess of a mile, the 3 teenagers responsible were convicted of manslaughter last Friday.  They showed no remorse throughout the trial.  When convicted of manslaughter rather than murder, they jumped up and punched the air.

PC Andrew Harper was responding to a report related to the theft of a quad bike when he met his demise.

Their sentences are now being reviewed by the Attorney General after the family of PC Harper complained about the leniency of them. The driver, Henry Long, got 16 years and his accomplices 13 years each.  We sincerely hope that the Attorney General sees fit to send this to the Appeal Court for review.

Lissie Harper, his widow has launched a campaign to change the law to ensure that those who kill emergency services workers get life sentences

Durham Police

The violent assault on British police officers by teenagers is not a new phenomenon.  This video, released by Durham Police in 2018 shows an appalling attack on a police officer.  Durham Police appealed to parents to check what their children were doing and take responsibility for it.

PC Stuart Outten

After stopping a van in East London, that had no insurance, PC Stuart Outten was attacked and seriously wounded by the driver. 56 year old Muhammad Rodwan was acquitted of attempted murder but found guilty of “wounding with intent”. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

A convicted rapist, Rodwan attacked PC Outten with a machete causing serious head wounds. In the process of attempting to defend himself, the police officer sustained 3 severed tendons in one hand, slash wounds to his arms and several broken fingers.  Despite horrific injuries he ultimately managed to taser Rodwan which saved his life.

Before sentencing Mrs Justice Carr said Rodwan had shown “not a shred of remorse or insight” drawing attention to his “belligerent arrogance”.

The disturbing footage of what occurred can be seen below:

Illegal White City music event, West London

Here we see police officers retreating as a variety of objects were thrown at them, when they intervened in an illegal music event which broke social distancing rules.

Similar scenes have been in the news covering BLM protests.

Lack of respect

These are just a few instances of violence toward British police officers. To us they clearly demonstrate a lack of respect for the authority of the law. What hasn’t helped is the apparent approval from superiors of police officers painting their fingernails, dancing around in high heels and daubing police vehicles with rainbows.  Taking the knee at BLM protests doesn’t help either. Whilst the reasoning behind this is allegedly to make police officers more approachable it isn’t working.  Let’s get back to basics! We expect our police service to be apolitical and unbiased.  Is it time to have a public review of policing policies?

For anyone who has a Twitter account, you will see that we have changed our profile images to display a black badge with a blue line, in support of fallen and currently serving British police officers.  This campaign was launched by former police officer Norman Brennan  and the images will remain until Sunday at 12 midnight.

Let us know your thoughts on this article and any suggestions you may have to resolve what is clearly becoming a nationwide issue.

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