Lie Detector Test UK News Roundup for April 2021

Apr 30, 2021

Lie Detector Test UK News Roundup for April 2021

Our News Roundup for April 2021 has been an interesting one.  Many people have decided to move forward with their lives after the Covid lockdowns.  Doubts and suspicions they had before the pandemic, became more acute during lockdown. With fewer things to concentrate on, they focused heavily on the dishonesty in their lives and some chose to order lie detector tests to establish the truth. Here is a snapshot of some of the interesting news, case studies and worries we have shared during this month.

April Fool’s Day, Historical child sex abuse, Integrity restored

1 April – Boffins at the Institute of Prevaricating Paediatrics have discovered that babies born to compulsive liars have significantly longer noses than other babies.  This is now known as Pinocchio Syndrome.

2 April – Coventry Polygraph Examiner advises on Historical Child Sex Abuse

3 April – Case Study | Nottingham Lie Detector Tests restore Best Friend’s Integrity

Immigration status query, World Health Day, Family lie

5 April – Maidstone Lie Detector Test Query – Immigration Status

7 April – World Health Day Lie Detector Test Discounts

8 April – Case Study | Worcester Lie Detector Test exposes Family Lie

Virginity doubts, Serial cheater, Reluctant father

9 April – Derby Lie Detector test query – Explaining how I lost my Virginity

10 April – Case Study | London Lie Detector Test for Infidelity reveals Serial Cheater

12 April– Case Study | Lie Detector Test in the West Midlands reveals Reluctant Father

Plank of the week, Online dating scams, Politician’s lies

13 April – Mike Graham’s Plank of the Week – nominations include but who won? ► Labour MP Clive Lewis ► The Met Police ► Boris Johnson

14 April – Case Study | Online Dating Scams exposed by Knightsbridge Lie Detector Test

15 April – With one scandal after another emerging among MPs in parliament, is it time for them to take an annual lie detector test?

Gambling addiction, Domestic abuse legislation, Infidelity query

16 April – Case Study | East Midlands Lie Detector Test identifies Gambling Addiction

17 April – The government is facing growing anger after voting against putting serial stalkers and domestic abusers on a national register.

18 April – Prisoner requests a Lie Detector Test in Tunbridge Wells for Infidelity

Theft within the family, Prince Andrew, Abusive stepfather

19 April – Theft within the family partly resolved by Dudley Lie Detector Tests

20 April – Investigative journalist Ian Halperin is offering £5 million pounds (or roughly $7 million) to the UK’s Prince Andrew “to come clean and take a polygraph test with a world-leading polygraph examiner”. Should he accept the offer?

21 April – Lie Detector Test in Soho exposes Lying Stepfather

Earth Day, Historical sex abuse, Infidelity allegations

22 April – This Earth Day we’re concentrating on ‘down to earth people’ who seem to be a dying breed. How can we hope to tackle larger issues with so much deception in almost every aspect of our lives?

23 April – Historical Sexual Abuse verified by Lie Detector Test in Grantham

24 April – Infidelity allegations confirmed by Kidderminster Lie Detector Tests

Theft query, Polygraph tests as evidence, Carl Bridgewater murder, Suspected infidelity

26 AprilEastbourne Lie Detector Tests for Theft Query

27 April – A SCOTS crime expert who has supported the Luke Mitchell case is now backing a notion to allow polygraph tests to be used in a court of law.

28 April – We offer Bert Spencer a free lie detector test regarding the Carl Bridgewater murder case.

29 April – Advice from our Kettering polygraph examiner following a query about suspected infidelity with an ex.

News roundup for April 2021

This month media propaganda has been rife focusing on salacious scandal and trivia rather than the main issues facing most people. Politicians continue to spin the truth or tell outright lies. And because of these issues society remains divided rather than united.

An old murder case attracted the attention of our West Midlands polygraph examiner. The murderer of 13 year old Carl Bridgewater has never been caught.  We, together with many others believe the case should be reopened. To these ends we have invited one of the original suspects, Bert Spencer, to take a lie detector test. If he can be eliminated from the issue, perhaps the focus will be taken away from him and moved elsewhere. Our blog will be updated should he accept.

As usual we welcome any input into our monthly news roundups related to dishonesty of any type. And of course, if you feel a lie detector test would help you to move on with your life our Free Helpline on 0800 368 8277 is available for confidential advice.

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