Lie Detector Test UK news round up for March 2020

Apr 1, 2020

Lie Detector Test UK news round up for March 2020

March has been a tough month for all of us. COVID-19 is worrying and doesn’t seem to be getting better. We’ve been keeping our clients safe by completing most of our tests at their home. Our polygraph examiners have been answering your questions and highlighting some of the more important topics in the news. In case you’ve missed out on any of our reviews or cases, here’s our Lie Detector Test UK news round up for March 2020.

Coming to terms with sexuality, Priti Patel, Pre-employment screening

1 March – A Southport lie detector test may not be the first thing you think about when struggling with your sexuality. However, our client booked one for his best friend to help him come to terms with it.

2 March – We take a look at the Guardian’s report of bullying allegations made against Home Secretary, Priti Patel.

2 March – The results from a Cardiff lie detector test for theft highlight the importance of checking references, even when you employ a family member.

Botched robbery, Drug dealing anxiety, Domestic Abuse Bill

3 March – A little boy was left with blood pouring down his face after being punched and grabbed around the throat during a botched robbery in Great Barr.

3 March – Questions continue to flood in for our polygraph examiners. This one is from a sister worried that her brother is possibly drug dealing in Newcastle.

3 March – The Government’s proposed new Domestic Abuse Bill will get its first reading today in Parliament. It includes a range of sweeping changes to protect victims including compulsory lie detector tests for abusers.

Missing holiday money, Domestic Violence Bill, Failed lie detector test

4 March – When our client discovered that money was missing from her holiday savings, she booked a Richmond lie detector test for her brother and girlfriend. The results were devastating.

5 March – Following parliament’s first reading of a new Domestic Violence Bill, one mother considers her daughter might still be alive had compulsory lie detector tests been in place prior to 2017.

5 March – You might imagine that having failed one lie detector test in Harrogate, you wouldn’t want to take another.  However, our client’s estranged wife did, see how he got on here.

Infidelity, Failure in pre-employment screening, Stealing from grandmother

6 March – A distressed wife wrote to us recently regarding an unusual infidelity issue. Our Grantham Polygraph Examiner responded to her.

6 March – We look at a news story that indicates a failure in pre-employment screening. Check out the story here

7 March – Our client suspected her children were stealing from her grandmother. She ordered a lie detector test in Glasgow for the oldest child to teach them the consequences of stealing from family and lying about it.

Home Office bullying allegations, Cheap lie detector test, Grooming gang petition

8 March – If the Home Office had made use of the polygraph examiners at their disposal, the scandal of leaks and bullying allegations may not be in the public eye.

8 March – Having ordered a cheap lie detector test online our clients arranged for a ‘polygraph examiner’ to conduct a couples test at their home.  Each of them had accused the other of infidelity.

9 March – This petition is around 17K signatures short of 100,000 that it needs for a debate to take place in Parliament. Please sign and share. We believe this Grooming Gang Review is in the public interest. We’ve signed it will you?

Infidelity suspicions, Gambling addiction, Lie detector test saves marriage

9 March – When our client’s fiancé was seen going into a hotel with another girl, she became suspicious. She booked a lie detector test in Birkenhead and was overjoyed with the results.

10 March – Advice from Colchester Polygraph Examiner on suspected Gambling Addiction When you know there is a problem but you don’t know what it is, a lie detector test is the fastest way to find out.

11 March – Our client could see that her aunt and uncle weren’t happy, so she ordered a Hartlepool lie detector test to try to save their marriage.

Doubts about coronavirus, False allegations, Accusations of sexual abuse

12 March – Is your business suffering because of the coronavirus? We take a look at why the general public doubt official narratives and the effect it is having on business.

12 March – Our client was bombarded with false allegations of infidelity by her husband when she went back to work.  She booked a Peterborough lie detector test to prove him wrong.

13 March – A worried mother contacted our Halifax Lie Detector Test Service when her son was accused of sexual abuse.  She was relieved by the results.

Dishonest carers, Gay infidelity, Dishonest parents

14 March – A worried neighbour wrote to us recently with suspicions that the elderly man next door had dishonest carers.  Our Wrexham Polygraph Examiner responded.

15 March  – Many enquiries we receive relate to doubts about infidelity when one partner doesn’t appear to be as committed as the other.  Suspicions of gay infidelity in Glasgow caused this worried partner to write to us.

16 March – Dark secrets in the family may take a very long time to emerge but invariably they come out. Our client booked a Lancaster lie detector test to find out which of his parents was being dishonest.

Hashem Abedi, Overspending, Coronavirus alibi

17 March – Hashem Abedi, 22, has been found guilty of murder over the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing that killed 22 people. He has also convicted of one count of attempted murder and one count of conspiring with suicide bomber Salman Abedi, his brother, to cause explosions.

17 March – When our client’s partner appeared to be lying about his spending and earnings, she ordered a lie detector test in Milton Keynes to find out what he was up to.

18 March – We have received countless enquiries about our Darlington Lie Detector Test but this is the first that involves a coronavirus.

Home lie detector tests, Dubious coronavirus statistics, Lie detector tests for terrorists

20 March – We decide to conduct lie detector tests at clients’ homes rather than put them at risk of catching the coronavirus by visiting our offices.

21 March – As China reports they have no new cases of coronavirus, it’s clear that many news outlets around the world don’t believe it. Do you?

22 March – The Government has defended its use of lie detector tests after it announced plans to use them on terrorists to see if they had reformed.

NHS appeal for volunteers, Suspension of polygraph services, Theft 

25 March – Are you able to volunteer to help the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic? Your NHS needs you!

26 March – Following the most recent government directives, regrettably we have decided to suspend our polygraph services due to the coronavirus. We consider it to morally and ethically the right thing to do.

30 March – Pinning down who the culprit is when theft occurs in a flat share can be awkward as our Polygraph Examiner in Grantham explains.

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