March Lie Detector Test UK News Roundup

Mar 31, 2019

March has been a busy month for our polygraph examines all over the UK. Here is the Lie Detector Test UK News Roundup where we highlight some of our case studies and stories we’ve posted in March 2019.

Nottingham, Rotherham and West Midlands

1 March – Amber Peat’s stepfather, Danny Peat, continues to deny that he had anything to do with the teenager’s demise after a coroner accused him and the 13 year old’s mother of telling lies at the inquest into her death. Amber hanged herself in 2015. Rather than make a film documentary as Mr Peat intends, we suggest he takes a Nottingham lie detector test to clear his name. Click on Amber Peat to read the full story.

4 March – Our client Michelle was convinced to take our Nottingham lie detector test after her friend Sarah booked one for her.  It put an end to years of domestic abuse.  If you’ve endured unacceptable behaviour in your relationship a polygraph test is a good way of moving forward with you live.  Click on Michelle’s story to learn more.

In other news Lord Nazir Ahmed was charged with 3 counts of historical child sex abuse. He is charged with two others with the case to be heard on 19 March at Sheffield Magistrate’s Court. We believe a lie detector test in Rotherham might yield some interesting results.

6 March – Arrests were made in the West Midlands and two men detained who were suspected of fraud and dangerous driving. ‘Cash for crash’ scams cost insurance providers almost £400 million per year in the UK.  To combat this, smart insurance providers are beginning to include lie detector test clauses in the policies.

USA and Spain

7 March – Audiences in the UK were disgusted after Netflix aired its documentary “Leaving Neverland” about Michael Jackson’s alleged paedophiliac activity.  On social media his loyal fans insisted that those involved in the making of the film take lie detector tests.

10 March – Since introducing our Spanish lie detector test service at UK airports we’ve dealt with some interesting cases. Our client Jamie restored his reputation with a local bar owner who had accused him of stealing his mobile phone.

London and South East

11 March – The case of a conman who defrauded an elderly pensioner out of thousands of pounds came to a conclusion when Anthony McErlean was imprisoned for 5 years at Woolwich Crown Court. What was unusual about this case was that McErlean had hit the news in 2011 having spectacularly failed to defraud an insurance company when he tried to fake his own death.  We suggest that polygraph services are used by anyone giving others control over their financial affairs.

12 March – Andrew Rowe, 47, confessed to fraudulently claiming in excess of £5,000 from the DWP. Westminster Magistrate’s Court was told that he had previously spent 15 years in prison having been convicted of terrorism offences. Isn’t it time that polygraph technology was introduced into the benefits claims system?

13 Match – We posted that lie detector tests included in the pre-employment screening process could have prevented sex offences committed by a nursery worker in Surrey.  If they had been it is unlikely she would have been working with children. Read this story by clicking here.

East Anglia

13 March – Again we believe polygraph tests in pre-employment screening play a significant role in preventing physical abuse of children. The case of a teacher who has been suspended from his duties at a Kings Lynn school will be dealt with by The Teaching Regulation Agency during the course of this year.

14 March – Full marks for Palgrave Primary School, Diss who are participating in a mock trial with St Mark’s Catholic Primary School, Ipswich.  Anything that encourages children to seek the truth is an excellent idea.

15 March – Periodic lie detector tests are a great idea to keep employees on the straight and narrow.  Even lawyers are not above suspicion. A senior partner in a Norfolk solicitors firm is accused of stealing from clients and charities.  Click here to read the story.


15 March – An Aberdeen lie detector test helped our clients come to terms with a prescription drug addiction. Read their story by clicking here.

21 March – Our polygraph examiners work nationwide to help domestic abuse victims who regularly don’t report the abuse to police. They worry that they won’t be believed. This case in Edinburgh is a classic example of authorities not taking action when they should have done. Read about it here

24 March – Our client felt sure that she had been drugged during a night out with friends.  When she woke up in the bed of a man she knew the experience would never be forgotten even though she couldn’t remember it. Click on date rape drug to read her story. A lie detector test got to the truth.


20 March – Security companies stand and fall on their reputations.  Polygraph services helped our client identify false compensations claims made by one of their employees.

20 March – Having avoided the scrutiny of Clare’s Law, the law finally caught up with Oliver Cox, who attacked several women he had met on dating apps. Our campaign to encourage people to get their potential dates checked out with a lie detector test continues.

23 March – Following the Netflix broadcast of their documentary “The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann we suggest the parents take lie detector tests. We believe this will dispel all suspicion and renew enthusiasm for the search of the missing child.

Lie detector test UK news updates

The above are some highlighted cases and stories from our blog and social media posts during March 2019.  Keep an eye on all of them for more Lie Detector Test UK news updates.

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