Lie Detector Test UK Monthly News roundup for June 2019

Jun 30, 2019

The summer has arrived but there’s been no holiday for our polygraph examiners up and down the country. June has been a busy month and they’ve been assisting you with problems in your home and working lives. Many of you have moved forward with lie detector tests that have finally achieved those all-important answers to your questions. We’ve been sending out more invitations to politicians to try and get to the bottom of their Brexit comments and thoughts. Check out our Lie Detector Test UK monthly news for June 2019 below.

This month we’ve highlighted problems within the care industry. We have called for pre-employment screening including lie detector tests to make our most vulnerable loved ones safe.

Jeremy Kyle’s show was cancelled due to the death of a guest. We’ve followed this story and highlighted the importance of aftercare and support when taking part in these types of shows. If you haven’t read any of these articles the links and details are below. You may be surprised by some of the results from our case studies this month, we were.

Pre-employment screening, Invitation to Rory Stewart OBE to take a lie detector test in Cumbria, Revisiting historic abuse within the care industry, Lie Detector Daily and Jeremy Kyle researchers allegedly smoked cannabis.

1 June – We call for pre-employment screening to include polygraph tests within the care industry. Do you think this should be compulsory? We certainly do.  Read our article and get in touch with your views, we’d love to hear them.

3 June –What’s Rory Stewart OBE talking about? Will he take us up on our offer of a Cumbria lie detector test? Read the full story here.

3 June – Durham polygraph examiner studies abuse in the care industry and concludes Cygnet Healthcare doesn’t care. Check out his report here.

3 June – All the latest from Lie Detector Daily

4 June – Are Jeremy Kyle researchers stoned? They allegedly smoked cannabis with guests before shows. Read the full story here

We look into sex offenders taking tests before being released from prison, GoFundMe fraud, Murder in Paradise, Politicians in the spotlight, Lucy Letby, and Advice on infidelity

8 June – Jim Gamble has called for lie detector tests to be administered to paedophiles prior to them being released from prison. Read the full story by clicking here.

10 June – Fraudulent GoFundMe page? Is everything as it seems? Read our Wolverhampton polygraph examiner’s take on it here

10 June –. 10 years on with no answer or closure. We submit lie detector tests could help solve the case of a murdered mother found in paradise. Read the Sun’s article here

11 June – Invitation to Madeleine Moon to take lie detector test in Bridgend, regarding her recent Brexit comments.

11 June – We think an alleged killer nurse to take lie detector test in Chester, what are your views? Click on details to read the fully story

12 June – Can our Manchester polygraph examiner help a husband find out if his wife is cheating? See his response here.

Missing holiday money, To polygraph or not to polygraph, Psychic or fraudster and animal abuse

13 June – Bolton polygraph examiner helps a client find out where her gap year money has gone. The full story can be read here

14 June – Insight into lie detector test processes, why you should always employ a qualified, accredited examiner and our duty of care

14 June – Psychic or fraud? How a Birmingham husband found out there were no messages from the dead. This sad tale was at the expense of his wife and can be seen by clicking here

15 June – Our Hampshire polygraph examiner calls for lie detector tests to be introduced in animal abuse cases. Animals can’t tell you what happened so how can we find out?

Dishonest Journalists, False Rape Allegations, Our convenient airport services and Lie Detector Test Daily

16 June – What’s going on in the world of Lie Detector Test Daily this week.

17 June – What are your views on journalists? We think there are many reasons we should extend our lie detector test invitations to weed out those who don’t let facts get in the way of a good story.

18 June – False rape allegations in Swansea nearly ruin a man’s life. Read what our client Kevin had to do to prove his innocence here

18 June – Did you know we offer lie detector services at many UK airports for expats? We focus on France this week. See how you could book that all-important, life-changing lie detector test today by following this link

18 June – All the updated news and stories from Christine Greenwood, released in your favourite newsletter, Lie Detector Test Daily.  Click here to subscribe

Young offenders and bullying, Luxury pigsties, Baby P’s mother, Sadiq Khan’s safety message and Boris Johnson in hot water.

19 June – Stop bullying; are some people just “born evil”? We ask our Newcastle polygraph examiner’s thoughts on a recent horrific and disturbing story in Birmingham. Reader caution is recommended, the details may be upsetting to some. Click on shocking story to read the distressing details.

19 June – Check our Facebook page for a recent news story. Would you move into a pigsty if you had a million pounds? That’s exactly what this husband did. Read more by clicking on information.

20 June – Durham Lie Detector Test would be pointless, in the case of Baby P’s murderous mother read on here, what do you think?

21 June – Invitation to  Sadiq Khan who believes London is safer on his watch. Follow YouTube link for more information. Contact us with your opinions; we’d love to hear them.

22 June – Boris Johnson was visited by the police following a call from his neighbours. Did he have a normal row with his girlfriend, something more or is it a smear campaign ahead of the Prime Minister Leadership race? The full story can be found here.

Infidelity, More on historical sexual abuse, Jeremy Kyle Show still in the spotlight, Highlighting issues with tests done in another language and Bad carers

24 June – Surprising results for gay couple after one fails a lie detector test for infidelity

24 June – Sir Nick Clegg found no evidence of Russian interference in the EU Referendum. Does that mean that the media has been lying to us for months or that Nick Clegg is protecting his new employer? What do you think? 26 June – Bolton polygraph examiner studies historical sexual abuse case

26 June – West Bank rape case, suspect’s lie detector not carried out in his own language

27 June – BBC report that people seeking asylum in the UK should take lie detector tests as part of their application according to former Chief of UK immigration Enforcement

Lie Detector Test UK Monthly News roundup

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