Lie Detector Test UK January 2021 News Roundup

Jan 31, 2021

Lie Detector Test UK January 2021 News Roundup

Our UK polygraph examiners have been rushed off their feet this month. Here’s what they have been doing along with some other news that has caught our attention.  Naturally included in this Lie Detector Test UK January 2021 News Roundup is that all important, free advice our polygraph examiners give to our readers.

Infidelity,  Concerns about government, Husband’s double life

1 January – Lie Detector Test in Newark Query – Is my Mother having an Affair with her Boss?

2 January – Sir Desmond Swayne, in his characteristically theatrical manner, expresses his concern at being ruled by ‘Ministerial fiat’ and the re-emergence of Professor Neil Ferguson. Covid-19

4 January – Lie Detector Test in High Wycombe exposes my Husband’s Double Life

Covid lockdown update, New Year resolutions, False allegations

5 January – January 2021 Covid19 Lockdown Restrictions Update

6 January – New Year and a brand new you

7 January – Solihull Lie Detector Test Query related to False Allegations of Theft

Wayward teenager, NHS gagging orders, New Year infidelity

8 January – Case Study | Wayward Teenager taught a lesson by Lie Detector Test in West London

8 January – Our world is becoming more dishonest by the day! NHS hospitals spend £2m on gagging orders for staff

11 January – Query for a Lie Detector Test in Telford about New Year Infidelity

Over zealous policing, Psychological abuse, False allegations

12 January – The two women who were slapped with a £200 fine each for driving five miles to go for a walk in a park have had their penalty notices dropped. Does anyone else think this is all getting out of hand?

13 January – The Way out of Emotional and Psychological Abuse

14 January – Neighbours False Allegations dispelled by Grantham Lie Detector Test

Domestic abuse initiative, Sexual advances, Feud with Warner Brothers

14 January – Ask for ANI Initiative hopes to reduce UK Domestic Abuse

15 January – Chichester Polygraph Examiner advises on Sexual Advances from Married Man

16 January – Ray Fisher has confirmed he’s been “removed” from a forthcoming The Flash movie, and offered to take a polygraph test in his ongoing feud with Warner Bros.

Plank of the Week, Historical sexual abuse, Cheating with Nanny

17 January – Mike Graham’s Plank of the Week nominees included, among others, Nancy Pelosi, Twitter and Russel T Davis this week.

17 January – Frank Cairney, 85, who served as general manager of Celtic Boys’ Club from 1974 until 1991, has been charged with sexually and physically abusing three teenagers over an 11-year period.

18 January – Lie Detector Test in Solihull Query – Husband accused of cheating with Nanny

Theft of a mobility scooter, Plank of the Week, Loan dispute

20 January – Case Study | Shameless Thieves identified by Burton on Trent Lie Detector Tests

21 January – This week’s nominees for Plank of the Week included Matt Hancock, Joe Biden and the BBC. But who won?

21 January – Case Study | Hastings Lie Detector Test resolves Loan Dispute

Pitbull fight, Hart Group, NHS gender clinic concerns

22 January – Case Study | Rugby Lie Detector Test exposes cause of Pitbull Injury

23 January – Hart Group gets involved in widening the debate about Covid-19 restriction concerns.

24 January – ‘Children have been very seriously damaged’ by NHS gender clinic, says former Tavistock staff governor.

False allegations, Child abuse, Weekly dose of Whacky Education

25 January – Case Study | Reading Lie Detector Test alleviates Nursery Placement Problem

25 January – A businessman has admitted to paying more than £5,000 for live-streamed Child Abuse videos as an ‘escape from reality’. What sort of world are we living in?

26 January – You just have to love the Australians and their “Weekly Dose of Whacky Education

Inheritance dispute, Outraging public decency, Cleveland Police

27 January – Case Study | Where there’s a Will there’s a way with a Stratford Lie Detector Test

28 January – Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Coventry produces Shocking Results

28 January – Commendable handling of Domestic Abuse by Cleveland Police

Vandalism, Lockdown sceptics, Personal liberty

29 January – Case Study | When cars were being vandalised on an East Midlands retirement complex, a lie detector test established who the culprit was.

30 January – Details of the Government’s “phased” exit plan, a nurse’s take on why the NHS is under so much pressure (mismanagement) and a blistering defence of Sir Desmond Swayne.

30 January – Many of us have got surprisingly used to doing what we’re told, even if we’re not always sure why.  Should we be concerned?

Lie Detector Test UK January 2021 News – Watch this space

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