Lie Detector Test UK Covid-19 update for August 2020

Aug 4, 2020

Lie Detector Test UK Covid-19 update for August 2020

Many people are confused about the government’s latest coronavirus guidance, so here is our Covid-19 update for August 2020 which we hope will clarify our services.

Our polygraph examiners are regularly tested for Covid-19 and all are free from the virus.  We are still conducting more home lie detector tests than office ones currently.  This is because so many people are worried about travelling to our offices and what they may come into contact with on the journey.

Our examiners continue to be equipped with the best quality PPE and our instruments are sterilised before and after use.

We will continue to make home visits where the home environment is conducive to carrying out polygraph examinations. This means that during the test there are no interruptions and complete peace and quiet. Only the examiner and subject can be in the room where the test takes place.  If the subject is agreeable a partner may sit in on the pre-test interview when the questions to be asked will be reviewed.  If in doubt about what a home lie detector test involves, and the environment required, don’t book a home lie detector test online.  Instead call us on our free helpline (0800 368 8277) for more information and clarity.

Backlog of UK lie detector tests

We have steadily worked our way through the backlog of tests that accumulated during the lockdown.  Some of our examiners have chosen to shield whilst the virus is still prevalent and we respect their decision.

This has resulted in us sending several polygraph examiners out of their own areas in order to administer all the tests that have been ordered.  If you need a test urgently, you can rely on us to deliver it by one method or another.

If your home does not meet the criteria for a home test, you may have to travel further afield to meet one of our examiners at our nearest open office.


All subjects requiring polygraph examinations will still be required to complete our questionnaire before we are able to conduct tests.

The questionnaire includes queries about your current state of health, whether you have had Covid-19 and when you had it.  Other questions relate to how many people are in your household and whether or not you are keeping to the government’s guidelines among others.

These questions are designed to keep you and our examiner safe.  Naturally all information you supply will be strictly confidential and destroyed when the test has been completed.

Covid-19 update for August 2020

If you have any queries about our August 2020 Covid-19 update please contact us.  We constantly monitor the government’s guidelines and legislation.  If there are any changes we will keep you informed on our blog and social media accounts.

You can read the latest government directives on Covid-19 by clicking here.

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