Lie Detector test query after Meghan and Harry Interview

This query about a lie detector test relates to an argument about the Meghan and Harry interview. We’ve noticed since lockdown that we are getting some very odd requests.

Q: Will a lie detector test tell me if my boyfriend believes Meghan and Harry?

Me and my boyfriend have been together almost a year. We watched the Meghan and Harry interview last week.

I think it is disgusting the way Meghan has been treated and that the monarchy should be abolished. I’m mean, how can we have a Queen that’s racist for God’s sake!?

My boyfriend usually agrees with me on most issues but after the interview he said he thought Meghan was lying about a couple of things.  We had a massive row and after I’d spoken to him about getting his head in order, he agreed with me.

But I want to make sure that he’s on my side and not just telling me he agrees with me because it’s what I want to hear.

Will a lie detector test get me the answers I need?  If he is lying to me I’ll dump him.

C. W., East Midlands

Response from East Midlands Polygraph Examiner

What your boyfriend believes today, he many not believe tomorrow so a lie detector test isn’t really going to help you.

However, have you considered that lockdowns may make you focus on things too seriously? Surely your relationship with your boyfriend is more important than an interview between two millionaires and a billionaire. If it isn’t then perhaps you should consider separating.

Meghan didn’t say that the Queen was racist. She said someone in the Royal Family had made an inappropriate/racist remark about the baby. It’s always best to get both sides of a story before making a judgement.

I watched the Meghan and Harry interview too and thought that some things Meghan said were difficult to believe.  For example, she said she hadn’t searched for information on Google about Harry.  It would be highly unusual for someone marrying into the Royal Family not to do that.

It’s also possible, since she admitted to having mental health issues, that she misinterpreted some of the things she complains about.

Perhaps it would be more useful for Meghan to take a lie detector test which we would happily undertake free of charge.

East Midlands Polygraph Examiner

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