Lie Detector Test News Roundup – September 2021

Sep 30, 2021

Lie Detector Test News Roundup – September 2021

September has been an interesting month for our polygraph examiners, with lie detector test results not always coming out as people have expected. In our Lie Detector Test News Roundup – September 2021 there is a selection of case studies, news and controversial issues that have attracted our attention.

Sexual abuse, Coercion, Jewellery theft

1 Sept- Refugee was sexually abused and raped in a Syrian refugee camp. She asks if a lie detector test will prove she is telling the truth? Our Hampshire Polygraph Examiner responded to it.

2 Sept – Carer Coercion Allegations dispelled by Dartford Lie Detector Test – when our client was falsely accused of influencing the will of an elderly person she was caring for, she booked a lie detector test to prove her innocence.

3 Sept – Jewellery Thief Identified by Bath Lie Detector Test – When some borrowed jewellery wasn’t returned our client ordered a lie detector test for the nephew that borrowed it.

Infidelity in the family, Gossip, Sex workers, Phillip Schofield

4 Sept – Infidelity with Aunt exposed by Loughborough Lie Detector Test – Our client spotted his father walking hand in hand with his aunt one day. The sighting led to him taking a lie detector test

6 Sept – Mother takes Gloucester Lie Detector Test to Stop Infidelity Gossip – Malicious gossip about an alleged illicit relationship with her daughter’s geography teacher, cause our client to take a lie detector test to put an end to it.

7 Sept – Cheating with Sex Workers exposed by Doncaster Lie Detector Test – After her partner of 5 years took a lie detector test she had booked for him; she ended the relationship. His activity with sex workers was not something she could forgive.

7 Sept – When Phillip Schofield was described as brave for “coming out” as gay, some Twitter users were not impressed. Many felt that revealing this after 30 years of marriage to your wife was despicable.

Theft in the workplace, Rape allegations, Past sexual activity, Colin Pitchfork

8 Sept – Factory Thief identified by Stafford Lie Detector Test – When a large quantity of stock went missing from a food factory, our client ordered a lie detector test for his brother-in-law.

9 Sept – Romford Lie Detector Test dispels Mother’s Rape Allegations – A lie that had been told, spanning many years was exposed when our client’s adoptive mother sat a polygraph examination.

10 Sept – Racially Motivated Leamington Spa Lie Detector Test Query – This query came in from a man who was worried that his partner may have had an intimate relationship with a white man.

10 Sept – Just a week after being released from prison double child murderer, Colin Pitchfork, has allegedly been seen loitering near schools. Hopefully he is being monitored with lie detector tests.

Married lover, Positive Thinking Day, Infidelity, Vaccine Passports

11 Sept – Chesterfield Lie Detector Test Exposes Married Man – After finding out her lover of 2 years was married our client ended her relationship. Not because the lie detector test established he was being deceitful about his marital status, but because it revealed the true nature of his relationship with his wife.

12 Sept – Julia Hartley-Brewer weighed in on Boris Johnson regarding what appeared to be a U turn on vaccine passports stating “It was wrong to ever consider them. It was wrong to ever threaten them. It was wrong to pretend they would save a single life. If you don’t stand by your principles, then they aren’t principles; they’re just slogans.”

13 Sept – Push those Clouds of Doubt away on Positive Thinking Day – Our polygraph examiners shared their thoughts on the positives and negatives of their work.

Infidelity, Malicious rumours, Freedom of Speech

14 Sept – Rotherham Lie Detector Test Query about Excessive Texting – If you found at least 500 texts and messages to other women on your husband’s phone, what would you do? Find out what our polygraph examiner had to say.

15 Sept – Poole Lie Detector Test dispels Malicious Rumours about Cot Death – When a child dies from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome it is devastating. But it is made worse when people cast aspersions about the cause of death.

15 Sept – Teaching Nonsense makes Fools of us all – We seriously need to get a grip on standards of education before teaching nonsense makes fools of us all.

Domestic abuse, False allegations, Jeremy Kyle comeback

16 Sept – Reaction of Friends to Domestic Abuse leads to Rainham Lie Detector Test – When friends and relatives don’t believe you regarding allegations of domestic abuse, a lie detector test can help get them onside.

17 Sept – False Allegations of Child Abuse dispelled by Worcester Lie Detector Test – Allegations of child abuse arose when two friends shared childcare duties.

18 Sept – Reigate Polygraph Examiner reviews Jeremy Kyle Comeback

Blackmail, Domestic abuse, UK National Fitness Day

20 Sept – Warwick Lie Detector Test exposes Blackmailing Neighbour – Meddling neighbours are often a problem but blackmailers need to be exposed.

21 Sept – Domestic Abuse Case continues after West Bridgford Lie Detector Test – Having finally had the courage to report her abusive partner, our client was considering dropping the charges. But a lie detector test got her back on track.

22 Sept – Alleviate your stress on UK National Fitness Day with a Lie Detector Test – We looked at the many ways lie detector tests can alleviate stress  and help you move forward with your life.

Gaslighting, Infidelity suspicions, Shocking secret

23 Sept – Gaslighting Advice from Crawley Polygraph Examiner – How to recognise and resolve gaslighting from an abusive partner.

24 Sept – Hull Lie Detector Test confirms Boyfriend’s Loneliness – Sometimes suspicions of infidelity are not justified but a lie detector test may identify other problems.

25 Sept – Manchester Lie Detector Test reveals Husband’s Secret – When our client suspected her husband was cheating on her, she ordered a lie detector test for him. It shocked her to find out who he was cheating with.

Commitment issues, Assault, Compulsive lying, Sarah Everard case

27 Sept – Swindon Lie Detector Test defines Partner’s Commitment – A polygraph examination is an excellent way to find out how committed your partner is to your relationship.

28 Sept – Sutton Coldfield Lie Detector Test proves who didn’t Assault Ex Boyfriend – Worried that she may have a boyfriend who was equally as violent as her previous one, our client made him sit a polygraph examination.

29 Sept – Macclesfield Polygraph Examiner advises on Compulsive Liar – Are you worried that someone close to you is a compulsive liar? If so a lie detector test could help.

30 Sept – Everything related to the kidnap & murder of Sarah Everard is dreadful in the extreme. The fact that the perpetrator was a serving police officer makes it so much worse.  Quite rightly today, Wayne Couzens has been sentenced to a whole life term in prison. Our thoughts are with Sarah’s family who at least have the small consolation that Couzens will never be released.  – RIP Sarah.

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