May Lie Detector Test News Roundup – Week 2

May 12, 2019

It’s been another busy week for our polygraph examiners working all over Britain.  Here is the second week of our May Lie Detector Test News Roundup. It includes questions our readers have asked, case studies, opinion pieces and articles we have shared in the past week.

Bank Holiday Infidelity, Care Home Abuse and Alcoholism

06 May – A week or two before any bank holiday, or festive period, the phones at Lie Detector Test UK start ringing.  This year was no different but in an interesting twist a ‘mistress’ booked a lie detector test in Aberdeen to prove that she was having an affair with someone’s husband.  Click here to read the full story.

07 May – We again highlighted the necessity for lie detector tests to be implemented in the pre-employment screening process of care workers.  This was following a story in the Manchester Evening News about an 81 year old man suffering from dementia.  His concerned family set up a camera in his room at the care home he resided in.  The shocking details can be read here.

07 May – Our ‘Ask a Polygraph Examiner’ service has been incredibly successful for those seeking advice.  A sister worried about her sibling’s drinking contacted us wanting to know if a polygraph test could help.  You can read our Richmond polygraph examiner’s response by clicking here.

Graffiti, Parents’ Lies and Disappearing Gnomes

08 May – A worried parent asked our Leeds polygraph examiner to help with her teenage son.  She was worried that he may have reverted back to an old passion for which he had been in trouble before – Graffiti

09 May – A daughter who believed her mother was lying to her about her absent father contacted our Nuneaton polygraph examiner for his advice.

10 May – One of the most amusing lie detector tests was conducted by our polygraph examiner in Northampton.  At least he found out who wasn’t interfering with a neighbour’s garden gnomes.

Corrupt detectives, Madeleine McCann and Rome’s Mouth of Truth

10 May – Two corrupt detectives were jailed this week for misconduct in office after their mishandling of sexual abuse cases.

11 May – It has been suggested that a suspect in the Madeleine McCann case should take a lie detector test according to the Daily Star.

12 May –   We stumbled across a medieval lie detector called ‘The Mouth of Truth’. You can see it in action in the short video below.  Legend has it that if you lie, it will bite your hand off!

May Lie Detector Test News

Well that’s our 2nd May Lie Detector Test News Round up.  If you have any interesting news let us know about it.

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