Should we extend our Lie Detector Test Invitations to Journalists?

Jun 17, 2019

We are beginning to wonder whether we should extend our lie detector test invitations to journalists and TV news presenters.  It is becoming increasingly evident that some of them are struggling with the definition of the word “lie”.  Case in point is a scathing article written by Kevin Maguire for the Mirror last week entitled “The truth about Boris Johnson is his lies will never end”.

Our readers may be aware that we invited Boris Johnson to take a lie detector test regarding his true stance on Brexit recently.  However, Kevin Maguire seems to be working on the premise that if you say something often enough it becomes the truth.

£350 million per week

In his article Kevin Maguire references Boris Johnson’s statements during the official Brexit referendum Leave Campaign.  He particularly draws attention to the assertion made that the UK sends £350 million per week to the EU.  A recent High Court judgement dismissed allegations of misconduct in public office brought against Boris Johnson.  Marcus Ball who crowdfunded the action alleged that this statement was a lie and therefore warranted a prosecution for misconduct in public office.  Judges agreed with Mr Johnson’s defence in that the action was vexatious and politically motivated.

We have covered the £350 million issue before but for clarity let’s go over it again.  The UK’s gross contribution to the EU is an average of £350 million per week but the net figure is much less when rebates and EU funding of UK projects is taken into consideration.  So the reality is that the UK is obliged to pay in the area of £350 million per week less rebates.  To call it an outright lie is seeking to confuse the context in which the statement was made.

As far as we can see that is the only “lie” that Kevin Maguire mentions in his article so the title of it is misleading.

Allegations and lie detector test invitations

The remainder of the article appears to be an opinion piece related to Boris Johnson’s alleged failures, attitude and supporters.  Particularly referenced is Donald Trump’s support of Boris Johnson. In the real world opinions are not facts and allegations are not lies.

Our lie detector test invitations have been extended so far to Boris Johnson, Rory Stewart, Madeleine Moon, Anna Soubry and Alex Salmond.  None have come forward to submit to scrutiny.  Will Kevin Maguire do so?

Who would you invite to take a lie detector test in the political or media sphere? What questions would you like them to answer? Let us know and we will give it serious consideration.

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