Dishonest Family Friend exposed by Lie Detector Test in Wrexham

It’s never easy when a family friend is suspected of being dishonest.  Our client ordered a lie detector test in Wrexham for his mother’s closest friend with predictable results.

Wayne’s Case

Margot and Frances had been friends for years.  They shared everything – their house, their clothes and even sometimes their pensions. If one or the other of them were short in a month, they’d help each other out. The one thing they didn’t share was Margot’s car which she inherited from her late husband, Alfred. Margot hadn’t coped when he died so Frances, a widow herself, had moved in.

Pride and joy

The MG was old but it had been Alfred’s pride and joy. Everyone would often see him out polishing the car on a Sunday and then he and Margot would take it for a spin in the afternoon. She’d tried to continue this tradition with Francis after he’d passed but her heart wasn’t in it. Instead, the car had been in the garage covered up for months.

It concerned Margot that the car wasn’t being used and 6 months after Alfred died she decided to give it to Wayne, her son. Wayne had helped Alfred restore the car. He’d often asked to borrow it but Alfred would never let it out of his sight. Margot knew Wayne wouldn’t sell the car and he’d take care of it.

Mysterious car damage

Margot called Wayne who was over the moon at the prospect of finally getting his hands on the vintage motor.  He went over to Margot’s house straight away. Discussing it over a cup of tea, he promised he’d take Margot out to lunch a few times a month so she knew he was looking after the ‘old girl’. They both went to the garage and Margot looked for the keys on the hook where they’d always been. The garage was locked so there was no danger of anyone stealing the car. Margot couldn’t understand why the keys weren’t there and then Frances showed up, keys in hand. Frances said Margot had taken the keys into the kitchen for safekeeping. Frances always said she was getting forgetful so she thought nothing more of it.

Removing the cover, Wayne could see a front light was broken. The car had been pristine when she’d covered it and she asked Frances if she’d taken it out. Frances denied it and said maybe Margot had forgotten the damage the last time they’d been out for a spin. Frances claimed they’d hit a bollard whilst Margot was driving.

Lie detector test in Wrexham

Wayne knew his mother was old but at 69 he didn’t class her as forgetful. He’d never trusted Frances and she’d always seemed jealous of the family unit that Margot had. He knew Frances wouldn’t admit to damaging the car so he contacted us for a lie detector test in Wrexham. Wayne was positive she’d agree to take the polygraph test as she had nowhere else to go. She had no living relatives and had given up her council property when she’d moved in with Margot.

Wayne gave Frances the opportunity to tell the truth when Margot wasn’t around.  When she insisted that she hadn’t damaged the car he responded in that case she wouldn’t mind taking a lie detector test would she?   Frances said she most certainly wouldn’t and was so affronted by the suggestion that Wayne wondered whether he’d made a mistake.

Polygraph results

Wayne had thought about his questions carefully and the results of the lie detector test in Wrexham proved Frances had damaged the car. Worse still, she’d taken jewellery Margot thought she’d lost previously.

Confronted with the polygraph results Wayne made a pact with Frances.  Margot would never be told about the test or the results if Frances agreed to return the jewellery and pay for the damage on the car.

Wayne knew his mother relied on Frances and had that not been the case, he would have insisted she found somewhere else to live.  However, he now keeps a closer eye on Margot. If the two women go out shopping or for a day out, he takes them in Alfred’s pride and joy.

The lie detector test in Wrexham ensured that Frances will remain on the straight and narrow.