Lie Detector Test in Worcester reveals Violence and Child Sex Abuse

Our client took no chances when he felt the kids in his friend’s care were acting strangely. He ordered a lie detector test in Worcester to find out what was happening.

John’s Case

John loved teaching children and this had been his profession for 17 years. He was also a Scout Leader which he’d been for almost the same length of time. They would do various activities and spend nights camping out in the woods. He had 8 children in his care and sometimes they were a real handful. Most were from broken homes and John loved to help cheer them up. He hoped too that he helped them to be more independent.

Short staffed

They had always been short staffed, so John was grateful when a friend of his offered to help out. Soon Isaac was running some of the trips and he seemed to be enjoying it. John decided to make a surprise visit to a camping trip Isaac had planned and was shocked to see one of the young boys in his tent. John had warned him about getting too close and the things people would say when they found out. Previously John been accused of molesting a child and had taken a lie detector test in Worcester to prove his innocence. Isaac thanked him for the warning and stated it wouldn’t’ happen again. He said that he was just worried as the boy was frightened to sleep in his own tent.

Strange behaviour

Over the coming months, John noticed that the sign-up sheets for activities with Isaac were getting smaller and smaller. John asked the kids why they didn’t want to do the overnights with Isaac but they went quiet. The boys were always hanging around John and didn’t seem to want to be left alone with Isaac. To John, they even looked scared. He asked Isaac about it and he shrugged it off with a comment about him pushing them too hard but when one of the parents came in and accused Isaac of hitting her child, John knew he had to do something.

Lie detector test in Worcester

John arranged a polygraph examination for Isaac. He knew something was going on and as they were so close he knew he’d take it. Isaac seemed very relaxed about the whole thing and went along the following week.

John was shocked to learn that Isaac had not only been hitting the boys but abusing them sexually as well. There was no alternative but to report the incident to the police. Isaac was arrested and later charged with multiple counts of abuse.

The damage done to these young minds was horrendous and nearly all of the children have now left the Scouts. No matter how much the parents trusted John they couldn’t let their children be put into a position of risk again. John lost the heart for it after having to take his own test to prove his innocence and then to have to organise another to prove his friend’s guilt.

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