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Feb 1, 2020 | Case Study, Relationship, Wolverhampton

Lie Detector Test in Wolverhampton exposes Cheating WRAF Wife

Valentine’s Day was the one day in the year that our client could spoil his wife.  But due to the results of a lie detector test in Wolverhampton this year will be different.

Wayne’s Case

Wayne had always been a bit of a romantic. He loved Valentine’s Day and always made a really big effort with his wife Faye. She always told him not to but this year it felt more important than usual. They seemed to have drifted apart and with her working away with the WRAF. He planned to get them back on track.

Stay at home dad

When they met Wayne was working behind a local bar and they’d hit it off immediately. Faye had been on leave for Christmas and by the next Christmas, they were married. A lot of their friends had said it was too soon but they were in love and nothing could stop them. Shortly after that Bella was born. She was beautiful and the spitting image of her mother. They’d discussed who would take care of the baby and as Faye was making her way up the ranks they decided Wayne would be the one to stay home. He didn’t mind. He loved his wife and daughter and that was all he needed.

Long-distance love

They’d made it work and even though she worked away, they still managed to keep the spark alive for a time. But when Faye seemed to be getting distant, Wayne wondered if she was seeing someone else. He’d asked her at one point and she’d told him not to be so silly. They lived near the base and it’d be more than her job was worth to cheat. Wayne just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Whenever she’d been home recently she wouldn’t want to spend time with the family. She wanted catch up with friends and would often stay out all night.

Stood up

It was when Faye said she couldn’t spend Valentine’s Day with him that he contacted us to book a lie detector test in Wolverhampton. She knew he always made a fuss and knew it was the one day he felt he could spoil her. Wayne had planned everything. He’d managed to get a babysitter, booked her favourite restaurant and bought her an expensive watch.

Faye had made some excuse about additional training but he knew this couldn’t be accurate. They’d been married for 3 years and every year Wayne would go all out to make the day special for them both. Faye had always been home for Valentine’s Day, why should this one be any different? Wayne confronted her about the cancelled evening and asked her again if she was cheating. Faye denied it and told him to stop being so paranoid.

Lie detector test in Wolverhampton

Wayne handed her the appointment he’d made for the polygraph test. She was taken aback and accused Wayne of not trusting her. He said if he was wrong he’d apologise but too much didn’t add up. She was angry because in her career it was possible she could lose her job if suspicions of infidelity became known.

Wayne had thought about this when he called us.  He told Faye that nothing would become public as the polygraph service was confidential and discreet.  There were no glaring signs on our offices so no one would know who she was going to see, even if they saw her walk into the building.

Faye took the lie detector test in Wolverhampton but immediately afterwards went back to work overseas. The results proved she had been cheating. The worst part of the polygraph report was that she’d had more than one lover since they’d been together.

Wayne took Bella to his mother’s and is considering how to rebuild his life. He hasn’t spoken to Faye about her infidelity yet.

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