Lie Detector Test in Tidworth reveals more than Training New Army Recruits

Mar 16, 2023 | Relationship

As an army wife our client knew the risks her husband was taking by having an affair. The damage it could cause was not only to their marriage but also to his career.  She ordered a discreet lie detector test in Tidworth for him, the results of which would decide her future.

Judith’s case

Judith had just had her second child and was having issues with her husband. Terry was in the Army, he was responsible for training new recruits, it was a stressful job and Judith understood that. But when he wasn’t training he never seemed to be home.

They had only just returned to the UK after years of living in barracks abroad. She had a lot to be thankful for, the fact she’d travelled the world for the last three years and the job was secure. She loved her husband and their two sons and at one point couldn’t have wished for a better life.

Boys will be boys

Judith didn’t really know many people where they lived. She was always so busy with her sons but she did talk to her mother a lot when things went wrong. Her mother and Terry got on like a house on fire and she’d never have a bad word said against him. The usual comment was “boys will be boys” and as long as he was coming home each night what was she worried about?  It upset Judith that she couldn’t get the support she needed from her mother. The issue wasn’t just the fact she was concerned he was never home. It wasn’t even that he was always raving on about his best new recruit Amanda. The really important issue was his job and his family. Although she couldn’t shake the feeling he was playing away from home, she knew he could lose his job for it. Officers in charge in the UK army can be reprimanded and dismissed. She’d confronted him about it and warned him about what could happen if he was caught. He just laughed at her, accusing her of being jealous and possessive.

One step too far

Judith always went through Terry’s pockets before putting a wash on but this time she found something unusual. It was a card key for a hotel near to where they lived. Later that evening she asked Terry about it and he said one of the lads must have put it there as a joke. Judith could see her wonderful family and life falling apart in front of her and contacted us for a lie detector test in Tidworth. She explained to Terry he’d need to sit it or she’d go to his superior and tell him her concerns. She’d also take the family far away from him and make sure he didn’t see his children again.

 Lie detector test in Tidworth

Terry knew his job and family was on the line and couldn’t avoid sitting the test. He pleaded with Judith to reconsider saying it would ruin his reputation. Judith explained the office was discreet and no one had been told.

He took the test the following Friday and with his head in his hands begged Judith for a second chance. He knew the lie detector test in Tidworth had revealed his cheating. He couldn’t lose his job and his family. He was very well respected in his position. What would they all think?

This was of no concern to Judith, she had her truth and it was time to get on with her life. She didn’t tell a soul, apart from her mother about the polygraph results. She needed the maintenance money for her children and who would employ someone who was kicked out of the Army for an inappropriate relationship?

Following her departure, Judith reported to us that Terry has begged her to go for marriage guidance counselling. She remains strong, is living with her mother and has even joined a dating website, not for the forces she wished to add. Several times during her marriage she suspected her husband of having affairs, but just didn’t want to believe he could do such a thing.

The polygraph results helped Judith to move on with her life.  If you suspect your partner of infidelity a lie detector test can assist you to move on too.  Our highly qualified polygraph examiners for infidelity in the military are specially trained to handle sensitive issues discreetly.  Don’t let suspicion destroy you relationship – the truth is always better out.  Call our free helpline to learn how polygraph services can change your life for the better.

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