Case Study | Lie Detector Test in the West Midlands reveals Reluctant Father

Apr 12, 2021

Lie Detector Test in the West Midlands reveals Reluctant Father

When one partner wants children and the other doesn’t it’s best to be honest. Our client ordered a lie detector test in the West Midlands to resolve the matter.

Jane’s Case

When Jane met Byron it was love at first sight.  After a year of dating, Byron moved into Jane’s flat. She was 19 and he, 25. That was 10 years ago and their relationship was fantastic except for one thing.  Jane wanted children but whenever she mentioned it, Byron would find a reason why it wasn’t the right time.

During the Covid 19 lockdowns, the topic had been done to death and their discussions went round in never ending circles. Jane was concerned about their ages not only due to medical reasons, but also because she didn’t want her children to be brought up by elderly parents.  Byron’s reluctance to commit to having kids made her feel insecure. Naturally if they were going to have children, they should marry as far as she was concerned. She worried that he wasn’t committed to her either.

They both had well-paying jobs that hadn’t been affected by the pandemic and they were financially secure. But Byron said the future was uncertain and they should wait for a couple more years.

The more Jane thought about it, the more paranoid she became.  The scenarios living in her head ranged from Byron having an affair to one day coming home and finding him gone. The stress of all these thoughts interfered with her work and she could think of nothing else.

Lie detector test in the West Midlands

Jane contacted us to enquire about booking a polygraph examination for her partner.  She specifically wanted to know whether or not he wanted to have children with her.  She felt if she got the answer to that question, all the other doubts she had could be discussed.

It was important to Jane to have a family and her fertility clock was running.  If Byron didn’t want kids, much as she loved him, she would have to leave.

Strangely, Byron made no objection to taking the test which bothered Jane even more.  She dreaded what she might learn from the results. Perhaps this was going to be his way of telling a truth that for some reason he couldn’t tell her, she thought.


Byron attended his appointment for the lie detector test in the West Midlands, near to where he worked.  During the pre-test interview he told our polygraph examiner that the thought of bringing children into the world terrified him.

There was so much division in society and a pandemic making it impossible to plan for the future. There had been talk about redundancies that he hadn’t told Jane about because he didn’t want her to worry. He knew how much she wanted children but he really didn’t think it was the right time. It wasn’t that he didn’t want them but he wanted to feel more secure.

Waiting for at least another couple of years he hoped the division in society would somehow heal. In a country where children were stabbing each other and attacking their teachers things were totally out of control, he said. He didn’t feel safe walking on the streets and if Jane was out after dark he panicked if she was more than 10 minutes late. “How could he bring more children into the world”, he asked, “when even he didn’t feel safe?”


Jane got the results of the lie detector test within 24 hours and was somewhat disappointed. Everything that Byron told our polygraph examiner was confirmed in the fully analysed, peer reviewed report.

Jane couldn’t argue with the reasoning behind Byron’s reluctance to become a father.  So she has agreed to wait two more years.  After that they will review the situation.  At least she is now aware that he’s not having an affair or going to leave her.  He’s just trying to be responsible.

This lie detector test in the West Midlands wouldn’t have been necessary if the couple had been able to communicate more effectively.  Sometimes a partner will take a test because it’s easier to speak to an unbiased polygraph examiner than have another argument.

  • The truth is often something we don’t want to hear, but fear of the unknown is far worse.
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