Lie Detector Test in Swindon reveals Shocking Result

When one of our clients booked a lie detector test in Swindon, she had preconceived ideas of who was being dishonest.  She was shocked by the results of the test.

Missing cash

Laura was positive she’d counted the money she hid under the bed in an old coffee canister. She’d been saving for years. A little here and there, only when she could afford it, out of the little money she got from her part time job and her benefits top up. She’d saved £3000, scrimping and scraping by on the minimum of food and buying the cheapest Christmas presents. Laura hadn’t had a night out in months and only then it was a couple of drinks with her friends on a Sunday afternoon. So why was there only £1280 in the tin? She’d never trusted banks and wanted to know the money was safe, only three people knew where that money was hidden and she was one of them.

Laura was a single mother of 3 young children, one of which hadn’t been happy for a long time and wanted to go to Disney Land to see Micky Mouse. Adam the youngest at 5 had suffered the most when their dad had left and he’d always promised to take them to America. This was a promise that no matter how bad things had become Laura was determined not to break.

The closest friends

There had been no child support paid in the last year and the kids hardly ever saw their dad. It had been difficult for all involved. However, with the help of two of her best friends, Laura had managed to get through it. Tim was her best friend from school and they’d known each other for 20 years.  Sarah she’d met shortly after starting college, some 12 years ago. These friends had pulled her out of her depression, spending time with the kids and being there whenever she needed them. It wasn’t all one sided and Sarah, having recently found her boyfriend cheating, had moved in with Laura and become a part of the family.

Sarah had taken her boyfriend Paul for a lie detector test in Swindon. Although she had no evidence to support that gut feeling he was cheating, she knew. He’d be out most nights and on occasion wouldn’t come home. She couldn’t reach him on his mobile. Sarah wasn’t stupid and so took him for the test and he failed, miserably. Sarah hated dishonest and untrustworthy people and therefore had left the minute they returned from the test, moved in with Laura and the rest was history. They’d supported each other through this turmoil and Laura had even invited Sarah to America with her and the kids. She would have invited Tim but he seemed to have gotten in with a bad crowd recently and was always borrowing money. Laura had loaned him some but it was never returned and he just seemed to be broke all the time.

Lie detector test in Swindon arranged

She didn’t want to accuse either of her friends but it was impossible she’d miscounted – over half her savings were missing. The best thing she thought was to confront them both together although her suspicions, however uncomfortable were with Tim. They were really close, even dated at one point but he’d fallen on hard times after losing his job with a local cable company. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t seem to find work. They both denied it of course but it had to be one of them.

Thinking back to Sarah’s situation, Laura decided to contact the lie detector company Sarah used when finding out about her boyfriend Lee. There were two benefits to this. Laura knew Sarah would believe the lie detector results as she’d been through this before. The three of them had also watched endless talk shows where these took place and all agreed the results were always accurate. Armed with the information she asked both her friends to take the test, it was worth spending a little of the money she’d saved to get to the truth.

On the day, she sat nervously wondering how on earth Tim could have done this to her. He knew what the money was for, knew she’s told the kids they would be going at the end of the year. Taking that money meant she would need to wait another year or so, breaking her children’s heart in the process. This was Uncle Tim, their father figure and someone they had looked up to ever since their own father had left.

The shocking results

She sat and opened the results. OMG it wasn’t Tim. Laura felt terrible to think she’d thought it had been him all along and it wasn’t.  The other question he’d answered confirmed he had no idea who’d done it. She opened Sarah’s results; now thinking someone had broken into the house and by chance, stumbled across her secret hiding place. And she’d put two of her dearest friends through this horror but that wasn’t the case at all. It had been Sarah who’d been dipping into the money. Worse still Laura had invited this snake in the grass into her home. She’d given her a roof over her head, shared her innermost secrets and worries about the trip and how the kids would be. Sarah denied she’d taken the money, explaining the test was quite obviously wrong. But it wasn’t they all knew that.

A polygraph examiner can weed out even the most cunning of dishonest people. Sometimes your judgement may be wrong. If in doubt, contact us to book your own lie detector test in Swindon or nationwide.