Lie Detector Test in Swansea reveals the truth about a Bike Accident

Aug 27, 2019

When injuries her husband sustained were not consistent with the motor bike accident he said he had, our client booked a lie detector test in Swansea to get the truth.

Val’s Case

Kevin had been missing for a few hours, his wife Val was worried. Kevin normally went to the pub for a few beers after work but was always home by 6. She’d tried ringing but his phone was off and when their friend Jack found his motorbike on some waste ground near to their house, Val started calling around the hospitals and police stations.

Biking accident

Kevin was found in their local hospital and had suffered horrific injuries. He had a broken collar bone, punctured lung and several fractures in his spine. Val asked him what had happened and he said he’d come off his 49cc bike. The injuries he had were inconsistent with the damage to the bike which was negligible. Val wanted to know what had really happened. No amount of pressure she put on him mattered. He stuck to his story. She spoke to the doctor and he agreed these were far more serious than any other bike accident he’d seen. He thought Kevin had been in a fight and if he had, it needed to be reported to the police immediately.

Lie detector test in Swansea

Val had two small boys and the thought of someone or some people being out there who could do such a thing scared her. She needed to know the truth and she knew Kevin was lying. Val had watched many daytime TV programs regarding lie detector tests and decided to look on the internet to find out more. She contacted our office later that evening and booked a lie detector test in Swansea for when Kevin was released from hospital.

Expertly patched up, 3 weeks later Kevin emerged from the hospital.  Val told him that she had booked a test for him. Kevin thought this was a silly idea, people only took those sorts of things if they were cheating he said.  He didn’t believe the polygraph was accurate and it was all a big show for daytime TV. “The results are always rigged” he chuckled to himself as he met our examiner to take the lie detector test in Swansea.

Gang Violence

Val had the results and a fully analysed report within 48 hours. She learned that Kevin had been attacked and he knew who had done it. He hadn’t wanted to go to the police as the perpetrators were very well known and he was scared of the repercussions.  Val reasoned that the severity of the attack couldn’t be ignored and called the police. They arrested those responsible.

Kevin had to be a witness to the incident and stand up in court. He’d had threats from the family prior to this and was scared stiff. The police had told him not to worry; these thugs would be going to jail and for a very long time. If the family came anywhere near Kevin or his family then they would also be arrested. The police had been after them for a while and there were charges stacking up against them. Kevin was happy to see more witnesses come forward and more victims.

Ultimately the gang was jailed for 10 years putting an end to intimidation, extortion and violence that had been going on for years.

The lie detector test in Swansea revealed a truth which led to the community feeling safer for at least the duration of the gang members’ sentences. If Val hadn’t insisted that Kevin tell the truth, it might still be going on. If you feel someone is being dishonest with you about anything, contact us to find out about the range of polygraph services we have to offer.  A cliché perhaps, but the truth will set you free.

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