Lie Detector Test in Stratford upon Avon reveals who kissed who

False allegations regarding a kiss ostracised our client from his family and friends. He booked a lie detector test in Stratford upon Avon to get his life back on track.

Freddie’s Case

Freddie had known he was gay from a very young age. He had always been attracted to men, even when he was at school. He’d tried to have girlfriends as his family were quite religious. The thought of him coming out to them terrified him. It had been tough but one day his mother had asked him outright. She’d always been perceptive and he was shocked she had said it. It gave him the courage he needed and his mother surprised him with her reaction. She was disappointed she wouldn’t have any biological grandchildren but supported him and encouraged him to be who he wanted to be.

Best friends

Gregory had been Freddie’s best friend for as long as either of them could remember. He had always known about Freddie’s sexual preference and it didn’t bother him. Freddie was relentlessly teased and bullied at school due to his clear feminine side but Gregory stuck up for him. Gregory was very popular, handsome and seemed to have all the luck with the girls. But he was close to Freddie and his popularity never got in the way of their friendship.

It wasn’t until Gregory’s 21st birthday that things took a turn for the better for Freddie. He’d always had a secret crush on Gregory but would never have admitted it to him. After the party was over, a rather drunken Gregory made a pass at him. Freddie was delighted to think that his best friend of so many years found him attractive but he’d pushed him away. He told Gregory how he felt about him but he didn’t want them ending up having a one night stand, and ruining a friendship it had taken years to build. That aside, Gregory had been drinking and he certainly wasn’t going to take advantage of him.

The morning after

Freddie arrived at 9am to pick Gregory up for university. They’d always car share as a way of saving money and could have a good old natter on the way. When he arrived he noticed that Gregory’s car was missing. Knocking on the door, his mother confirmed he’d already left. Freddie didn’t understand why he would change his plans without letting him know but when he arrived at university everyone seemed to be staring at him.

Walking down the corridor to find Gregory, someone shouted that he was a pervert and shouldn’t be around people who’d been drinking. Challenging the student he found that Gregory had been spreading rumours that he had been the one to try and kiss him when he was drunk, and that Gregory couldn’t get away fast enough.

Lie detector test in Stratford upon Avon

Freddie had been bullied enough to know that this situation was only going to get worse. He contacted us and ordered a lie detector test. He was going to prove it was Gregory that had tried to kiss him and not the other way around.

Freddie didn’t want to hurt his friend but all his efforts to contact him had been futile. Gregory’s parents were also being standoffish toward him, so God only knew what he’d told them.

Freddie took the lie detector test in Stratford upon Avon the following Friday. He didn’t tell anyone of his plans and wouldn’t until the results were available. The polygraph results were received within 24 hours. They proved that Freddie hadn’t made a pass at Gregory, and that he had in fact turned him down. It was too late for their friendship but not for Freddie’s reputation. He gave the results to Gregory’s mum, in an envelope and addressed to Gregory. Included with the results was a note that stated he must tell everyone he was mistaken and repair the damage he’d caused his once closest friend. If he didn’t, the results would be going viral.

The lie detector test results never left Gregory’s bedroom, but Freddie’s reputation is back intact.