Lie Detector Test in Stoke exposes Bigamist Scammer

Our client experienced a bride´s worst nightmare when she was left waiting at the altar. She ordered a lie detector test in Stoke for the groom when he eventually reappeared.

Arabella´s Case

Since it was Arabella´s second marriage, she wasn´t concerned about Covid restrictions reducing the number of guests. Charles, her fiancé, didn´t have any family anyway so a small wedding suited him too.

They met online and many of Arabella´s family and friends thought she should give it a reasonable time before she tied another knot. After all, she knew so little about him they said.

Charles had popped the question within weeks of them communicating with each other. They hadn´t even met! When they finally did, he was everything she thought he was.  Kind, considerate, intelligent and attentive.

Sisterly concern

A year down the line, she was looking forward to her wedding. The night before, her sister asked if she was sure about what she was doing. Arabella said she was, but Lucy pressed the issue. What did Arabella really know about Charles, she asked. He had no family because he said that his adoptive parents had both died and he had never married. His work was in the security services so he couldn´t talk too much about it. There wasn´t any more to tell.

Arabella didn´t mention that she had paid for everything related to the wedding because she knew Lucy wouldn´t understand.  Charles had most of his money tied up in investments and hadn´t been able to cash any of them in before the wedding date.  Arabella hadn´t wanted to postpone because there was an exceptionally long waiting list. Charles promised to take her on a fantastic honeymoon when travel restrictions were lifted.

Wedding Day

On the day of the wedding, the bride´s car circled the church three times before a worried Arabella decided she´d go in.  Her brother, Martin, was acting as best man for Charles. When he´d gone to collect him in the morning Charles told Martin to go ahead without him. Something urgent had cropped up with work and he would make his own way to the church, he said.  He didn´t expect to be more than a few minutes late. Martin had made innumerable calls since then but Charles´s phone was switched off.

The vicar waited more than an hour before telling Martin and Arabella that the next wedding party was due. Devastated, Arabella left leaving Martin to deal with the guests.

Charles turned up a day later, apologising profusely. He said there had been a national emergency and he had no choice but to deal with it. Lucy was at Arabella´s home trying to console her sister and kept Charles on the doorstep. She told him her sister was devastated and she´d taken a Valium. When she woke up Lucy would pass on the message. Closing the door, Lucy didn´t believe a word of it.

Lie detector test in Stoke

When Arabella seemed inclined to believe Charles, Lucy suggested she book a lie detector test in Stoke for him, where he lived.

If he was telling the truth Lucy would pay all the wedding expenses, she said.  Arabella agreed so Lucy called Charles and told him the news.  She was incredibly surprised when he agreed to attend the polygraph examination. He professed undying love for Arabella and would do anything for her, he said.

We can only assume that Charles believed he could cheat the test or wanted to be found out. The questions Lucy wanted answers to related to why he hadn´t turned up at the wedding. Deception was found in every single response.

On receipt of the results, Lucy hired a private investigator to check into Charles´s background. He didn´t work for any security service and had a criminal record for various fraudulent activities. He was already married to two women and hadn´t divorced either of them.

Online dating

We cannot stress enough the dangers of online dating. Cases of scamming and fraud increase year on year. It´s a booming industry netting scammers millions of pounds annually.

A lie detector test, before you commit or spend any money on long terms plans, is a good vetting tool. If a potential partner is genuine, he or she won´t object to taking one.

In this case our client was hurt and humiliated, but things could have been a lot worse had the marriage gone ahead. Luckily, she had a sister looking out for her but not everyone does.