Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Stevenage resolves Identical Twins Paternity Issue

Nov 23, 2020

Lie Detector Test in Stevenage resolves Identical Twins Paternity Issue

Our client’s infidelity resulted in her booking a lie detector test in Stevenage despite a paternity test, some 25 years ago, proving that her eldest son was indeed her husband’s.

Nadia’s case

Robert and Nadia were as close as you can get to the perfect couple. Back in the 80’s they were happily married with two beautiful sons.

Nadia had married one of a pair of identical twins.  She’d accepted that Robert and his twin brother, Gordon, were inseparable. They’d done everything together since they were born.  Gordon was a great uncle to his nephews and a frequent visitor.

Overall the couple never argued and Nadia thought Robert was her soulmate. This was until rumours started that she’d been having an affair with Gordon.  She wasn’t sure why or how they had begun but soon enough, Robert was questioning the paternity of their eldest.

Paternity test

She was devastated when Robert asked for a paternity test. He didn’t want to believe that his twin would sleep with her, but after many months of gossip around town, he couldn’t take any more. The paternity test revealed that he was the father to both of their sons and the matter was laid to rest. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t survive this and after divorcing they both remarried and moved on with their lives. They shared custody of the boys.

Lie detector test in Stevenage

Nadia was surprised when she received a call out of the blue from Robert recently.  He’d apparently been watching a documentary that featured identical twins with a similar problem to that experienced in their marriage. Whereas Robert had been the only twin involved in their paternity test, both twins had participated in the documentary.  And both came back as having a 99.9% chance of being the father.

He asked Nadia if she would be prepared to take a polygraph examination to prove she hadn’t slept with Gordon.  Nadia was angry.  She had told him time and again that she’d never been unfaithful to him. His lack of trust in her had ended the marriage and it had deeply hurt her.  Robert said she could take the lie detector test in Stevenage where she lived, at her home or in a controlled office close by.

Why not ask Gordon to take the test, she asked.  Robert infuriated her when he said that he didn’t want to upset his brother.  Yet he was perfectly prepared to upset Nadia again. She refused.

That afternoon, Nadia called Gordon and enlightened him to many things.  Robert had never told him the truth about why their marriage had ended. He’d never been aware of the rumours and certainly didn’t know about the paternity test.

Nadia asked him if he would take the lie detector test and Gordon willingly agreed.

 Results and conclusion

Gordon met our London polygraph examiner at Nadia’s house where the test was administered.  The results were sent to Nadia within 24 hours via email. They proved that there had never been any form of physical relationship between them.

Nadia invited Robert for lunch the following day. He was surprised to find Gordon there too when he arrived.  Before lunch, Nadia handed Robert the results of the test.  He was embarrassed and apologised profusely to both his ex-wife and his twin brother. Luckily their sons have never known about Robert’s suspicions and now they never will.

Gordon couldn’t understand why his brother wouldn’t have simply asked him. If he had perhaps the marriage would have been saved.

If there is anything to be learned from this case, it is that the truth is better out sooner rather than later.

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