Lie Detector Test in Stafford exposed Budding MP’s Infidelity

When her husband stayed out very late, allegedly canvassing prospective constituents our client suspected something was wrong.  She booked a lie detector test in Stafford to find out if he was having an affair.

Gloria’s Case

Harry was running to be an independent MP, something his parents were really proud of.  His father had been the local MP for many years and was standing down to retire. Gloria, Harry’s wife was proud but she couldn’t shake the feeling he cared more for his campaign than he did for his family. He would be out canvassing till late and the kids rarely saw him before they went to bed. She would try and keep them up but with school the next day a bedtime of 10.30 pm wasn’t good for their mood or their education.

How late is too late?

Gloria had lunch with her best friend, Belinda, on a Wednesday every week. They’d share a glass or two of wine and put the world to rights. She knew she could speak freely to Belinda and mentioned the late nights Harry was putting in. Belinda was an MP’s wife and had been though a similar ordeal with her husband a few years previously when he had run for the first time. She explained she didn’t understand the nights past 9 pm as you shouldn’t be knocking on doors past 8.30 pm. It didn’t paint a good picture of the type of man you would hope to elect. Would you really want someone who thought it was okay to be knocking at your door that late at night?

Going home, Gloria decided to confront Harry about it. She’d organised for a babysitter and would go with him the following evening to show solidarity and support.

Meddling wife

Harry accused her of meddling in his campaign. Family values were part of his pitch and his prospective constituents knew he was a family man. What example would it set for them to see his wife wasn’t at home with the kids when she should be? It wasn’t until Belinda mentioned he wasn’t out with the other canvassers after an evening campaigning that she started to get suspicious. All the canvassers were out for drinks one Friday and Harry hadn’t shown up. This in itself wasn’t an issue but he hadn’t returned home until five after midnight. Gloria had asked where he’d been and he just said he’d been invited into a lonely, elderly woman’s home for a cup of tea and couldn’t get away.

Lie detector test in Stafford

Over lunch, Gloria spoke to Belinda and she agreed something didn’t ring true. She suggested he might be having an affair and Gloria admitted it had crossed her mind. They both got their heads together and decided to confront the situation head on. They found our website on their mobile phones and contacted us for a lie detector test in Stafford.

Gloria knew Harry was busy and so deliberately booked it after the elections had finished.  When she told Harry about the polygraph test he told her not to be so ridiculous.  Outraged he accused her of putting more pressure on him just before the result.  Not to be fobbed off again, Gloria said that if he didn’t take the test then she would tell his prospective constituents and the press that he’d refused to take it. If he had nothing to hide then he should have no problem taking an infidelity test, he was a family man after all.

Polygraph results

Harry took the lie detector test in Stafford and it revealed he hadn’t been canvassing.  Not only was he having an affair but it had been going on for over a year. Gloria’s world came crashing down around her. She’d thought he’d been up to something but she still wasn’t prepared to see it in black and white.

The polygraph examination had exposed Harry for the cheat he was and Gloria left him. She took their children to his parents and they stayed there. Harry’s father was disappointed his son could do this, not only to his childhood sweetheart but to his campaign. The infidelity lie detector test ended Harry’s marriage and  Gloria was convinced that Karma ended his career. He didn’t get into office by a landslide, maybe he should have done the canvassing after all.

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Names and locations for this case have been changed to protect the identity of our client.