Lie Detector Test in Solihull Query – Husband accused of cheating with Nanny

An NHS worker sent us this enquiry about a lie detector test in Solihull after Christmas. She suspects her husband is sleeping with their children’s nanny.

Q: If I order a lie detector test in Solihull will it determine if my husband is sleeping with our nanny?

Our children’s nanny has been with us for over two years.  When the Covid pandemic began my husband was able to work from home.  Unfortunately I can’t as I work in the NHS.

We kept our nanny for several reasons.  One is that we can still afford her and another that I didn’t want to lay her off at such a difficult time.  Also my husband’s work is quite intensive so childcare wouldn’t really fit into his days.

My children are 5 and 7 years old. I had a rare opportunity to read them a story on Christmas Eve as I was at home.  My 7 year old asked me where I would be sleeping.  I thought he meant would I be out at work all night or at home. So I said I’d be “sleeping with Daddy”.  He then asked if there would be room in the bed for me and the nanny.

I’ve asked my husband if he is cheating on me and he denies it.  He says our son has a vivid imagination. I don’t want to confront the nanny because there may be nothing to it. If there isn’t I’ll probably lose someone who is great for my kids, not to mention being embarrassed.

I know I should trust my husband but I can’t get it out of my head. If I book a lie detector test in Solihull for my husband will it reveal if he’s cheating or not?

E. W., Solihull

Response from West Midlands Polygraph Examiner

This must be very stressful for you, especially considering that you work in the NHS with a pandemic on.

Children do have vivid imaginations but have you thought that your son might miss you? It may be that he has made up the story as a way of making you stay at home.  Of course he might not be imagining it at all.

I can conduct a lie detector test in Solihull and can liaise with you as to the answers you need. We can then formulate the questions to achieve those answers.  A polygraph examination will pick up any deception that occurs during the test.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our free helpline if you would like to chat confidentially about your issue. Our customer care team has a wealth of information that they can share with you. Or you can of course, book online.

Please mention, if you call, that the West Midlands polygraph examiner suggested you call. And that you’ve already had some advice about a lie detector test in Solihull.