Lie Detector Test in Soho exposes Lying Stepfather

Our client took a lie detector test in Soho when her stepfather made a pass at her and her mother didn’t believe it.

Zoe’s Case

The relationship between Zoe and her stepfather, Stan, had never been great.  Her biological father had left when she was very young but she didn’t begrudge her mother having another relationship. It would have been so much better though, if it wasn’t with Stan.

As a father figure Stan had been useless.  He hardly worked and her mother struggled constantly to make ends meet. Never taking any interest in the children, he frequently reminded Zoe and her two brothers that he wasn’t their father.

At least, he wasn’t interested in Zoe until she reached 18 and left home.  He’d come over to her flat one day to help her hang some pictures.  Her mother had sent him round after Zoe had told her that she was worried about damaging the walls.

Opening the door to him, Zoe was surprised that he’d bothered considering how lazy he’d always been. However, she gave him credit for hanging the pictures like a professional. When he finished the job, she offered him coffee or a cold drink.  He asked if she had any beer and she gave him one.

Inappropriate behaviour

Three beers later, Stan was showing no sign of wanting to leave. Wondering how she could get rid of him without being rude, she decided to call her mother.  Zoe told her Mum what a wonderful job Stan had done with the pictures.  Pleased that her husband had finally done something to please Zoe, she asked when Stan would be home. Zoe handed her phone to Stan who said he was leaving shortly.

Handing back her phone, Stan said he’d better go but as Zoe went to the door he pinned her against the wall and kissed her attempting to push his tongue into her mouth.  She was disgusted and pushed him away, ran to the door and opened it.


After Stan left Zoe called her mother and told her what happened.  The reaction was not what she expected.  Her mother said she would talk to Stan about it when he got home but there was no consideration for Zoe’s feelings at all.

Later that evening her mother called and said Stan had denied it.  She said that Zoe had never liked him and was obviously trying to cause trouble to split them up.

At first Zoe was upset and then she became angry.  How could her mother support him and not her? She called her best friend, Lea, and told her what had transpired.  Lea suggested Zoe book herself a lie detector test and send the results to her mother.

 Lie detector test in Soho

Zoe booked an appointment with one of our London polygraph examiners and the test was conducted at Zoe’s home where she felt more comfortable.  No deception was found in any of her answers.

Within 24 hours she had her results and immediately emailed them to her mother.  That was a week ago and still there has been no response. It seems that her mother has taken the side of her cheating, lying stepfather.