Lie Detector Test in Redditch reveals what happened to a Baby born out of Rape

Dec 28, 2020

Lie Detector Test in Redditch reveals what happened to a Baby born out of Rape

This case will be heartbreaking for anyone reading about it. Our client booked a lie detector test in Redditch to find out what happened to her baby.

Jenny’s Case

Jenny was gang raped at 15.  She told no one, least of all her parents because she had been somewhere she wasn’t supposed to go. Instead of having lunch at school, she’d gone with some other girls to the local kebab shop.

They ordered their kebabs and the guy behind the counter refused to take her money. The other girls seemed to know him very well and they didn’t pay for their food either.  They thanked the guy behind the counter and then made their way to a door at the back of the shop.  Jenny wondered where they were going but followed anyway.  Through the door there was a staircase which led to a room above the shop.  There were a couple of dirty couches in there and a coffee table. Everyone sat down to eat their lunch.

Gang rape

Within 15 minutes three men arrived and started chatting to the girls. They had brought a bottle of vodka with them and some gifts. It was near Christmas and the men handed each of the girls one of them. Jenny didn’t understand much of what they were saying as their English wasn’t good. She thought they were Pakistani or maybe Turkish. She realised that the other girls knew their names.

Jenny didn’t feel comfortable and refused the alcohol.  She told her friends that she’d been told not to accept gifts from strangers and she wanted to leave. As she got up one of the men stood in front of the door, blocking her escape. He was about 60 but huge so she couldn’t get past him.  When he started to stroke her hair she was terrified. Then he gripped the back of her neck and forcibly walked her back to the couch pushing her down on it.  The other girls were laughing.

There followed the most painful and humiliating experience she’d ever had.  She was stripped of her clothes and raped one after the other by the three men.  Her friends did nothing but sat drinking and watching the violation with apparent glee. When it was over she was allowed to dress and leave. The other girls stayed behind.  Horrified, she realised that it was 5pm and she would be late home.

Pregnancy begins to show

Fay, her mother, asked where she had been and Jenny said she’d stopped off at a friend’s house to get some help with her homework.  She couldn’t tell her Mum what had happened because then she would have to admit not having her lunch at school.  However, 6 months later she had no choice but to tell because her pregnancy was showing.

Fay’s first thought was to go with her daughter to the police. She’d noticed Jenny withdraw into herself over recent months and her reluctance to go to school. It crossed Fay’s mind that perhaps she was being bullied. Never in her wildest imagination did she think something as awful as this had happened to her.

As a single mother Fay had struggled living on benefits until Jenny went to school.  When she finally found a job she realised that it didn’t pay her as much as the benefits did.  She would lose her housing benefit and if she had to pay her own rent she wouldn’t have enough money to survive. So she stayed on benefits. Her life was boring but she’d had such high hopes for Jenny.  Prior to the rape she’s been a straight A student.  Now she despaired of what her life would be.

Instead of going to the police, Fay contacted her social worker who came round to have a chat with Jenny. The social worker convinced them both that too much time had passed for the police to make a successful case against the perpetrators.  She also mentioned that there might be repercussions from the community if Fay progressed along the prosecution route.

Baby is born

After much consideration Fay sent Jenny from their home in the West Midlands to her cousin’s farm in Devon.

Jenny didn’t want the baby. She knew that it would remind her daily of the rape and couldn’t cope with that. When her daughter was born, her mother had come to help.  When the baby was 6 weeks old, Fay took her back to the West Midlands and Jenny stayed in Devon to recover. In the end, she decided to remain in Devon and make a life there.

Now 20 years later, with a great job and a happy, comfortable life Jenny thought more and more about the baby.  It wasn’t her fault that Jenny had been raped. Over the past year she’s asked her mother what she had done with the baby.  Fay said she’d put the little girl up for adoption passing it off has hers.  Yet she wouldn’t provide Jenny with any records.

Lie detector test in Redditch

Jenny contacted us with her heartbreaking story after over a year of frustration, trying to get information out of her mother.  She’d had her baby at the farm, never seen a doctor and her mother’s cousin, who was a nurse, had kept the secret.  She didn’t want to get anyone into trouble but needed to know what had happened to her child.

She coerced Fay into agreeing to take a lie detector test in Redditch on the basis that if she didn’t, there would be no other choice but to ask the police to find the child.

In the pre-test interview Fay told our West Midlands polygraph examiner that she had taken the baby to a local Imam, explaining what had happened to Jenny.  He had found a home for the child with a local family. Six months afterward the adoptive family had moved back to Pakistan taking the child with them.  There had been no formal adoption.

The results from the polygraph examination indicated that she was being honest.


It is Jenny’s intention to find her daughter and she is currently looking into the best way to do that. After she got the report from the lie detector test in Redditch, she forgave Fay so she will have some help in her quest.

Grooming gang help for survivors

As polygraph service providers in the West Midlands and nationwide, we are acutely aware of the scandal involving grooming gangs and cover ups by the authorities. Jenny’s case is a drop in the ocean of sadness and despicability. She chose a lie detector test in Redditch to get the answers she needed.  It may be the route others wish to take and if so, our free helpline (0800 861 1058) is available to anyone seeking advice. You will find out customer care team sympathetic and your call will be kept completely confidential.

More help can be obtained from the Maggie Oliver Foundation which was specifically set up for grooming gang victims and survivors.

If you are facing another Christmas feeling you have been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, know that there is help available.  Why not go into the New Year taking the first step to move beyond the darkness into the light.

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