Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Portsmouth shows why Truck Driver’s Routine changed

Jan 20, 2020

Our client was worried that her long distance lorry driver husband was cheating on her.  She ordered a lie detector test in Portsmouth for infidelity to find out.

Dawn’s Case

Martin, Dawn’s husband, spent 5 nights of every week on the road. He’d been an HGV driver when Dawn met him so she knew what she was taking on when she married him.

They had been married for 8 years when she became suspicious.  Her husband is a creature of habit. When he is at work he parks up at around 10pm, after driving 9 hours, and rests. He either parks at a truck stop or on a motorway service station.

In his cab, he has a home from home. Martin is able to cook a meal, watch TV and sleep in a comfortable bed. Normally he cooks his food or eats in a café, then gets comfortable in bed and calls or texts Dawn before going to sleep.  In all the time they’ve known each other this routine had never changed. Often they talked for an hour or more before Martin turned in at around midnight.

Lack of intimacy

However, shortly after the birth of their fourth child intimacy between them had been limited. Dawn was struggling with the pressure of the new baby and Martin being away so much.  By the end of any day she was exhausted so at the weekends when Martin was home, she was just worn out.  As soon as she got to bed she fell asleep.  It got to the point where Martin just stopped trying and if Dawn made an effort he would pull away.

The telephone calls became less frequent when he was away and when he did call it would only be for a few minutes.  Dawn worried that he was maybe seeing someone else or worse, getting sex from women who hung around truck stops.

Lie detector test in Portsmouth for infidelity

One weekend she asked Martin if he was having sex elsewhere and he said “no” and told her not to be so silly. She tried to put it to the back of her mind but failed miserably. Not being able to cope with constant suspicion Dawn called us to enquire about a lie detector test in Portsmouth for infidelity.

When Martin came home at the weekend Dawn told him that she had booked a home polygraph test for that afternoon.  She wanted him to take it because suspicion was driving her mad.  She was taking their children to her mother’s for a few hours while the test took place.  The polygraph examiner was arriving in an hour she said, as she started getting the kids into the car. As she drove to her mother’s Dawn was surprised that Martin hadn’t said a word.  Not that she had given him any time to respond but she feared the worst.  She would have much preferred to have stayed at home while the test took place, but we’d told her that there had to be complete quiet and no interruptions. Without these conditions we can’t administer tests at home and would have asked Martin to attend one of our controlled offices.

Portsmouth polygraph examiner arrives

In the pre-test interview Martin told our examiner why his behaviour had changed. Several truckers had been fined recently having been found with illegal immigrants in their trailers.  None of them had known that people had stowed away in their trailers. Often, the infiltrators would break into the trailer while the driver was in a café or parked up for the night.  People traffickers would then fit new locks so that the driver was unaware anything was wrong.  Most truck stops are not floodlit and most drivers just check the trailer is locked and then get in the cab to sleep.

Martin was paranoid this would happen to him, so he was getting very little sleep.  He was constantly watching his wing mirrors and getting out of his truck to check it hadn’t been tampered with.  Some of his mates had been fined £4,000 for each immigrant found.  With 4 children to bring up he just couldn’t afford it.

He hadn’t told Dawn because he knew she would worry about his safety. His lack of interest in sex was simply down to lack of sleep and anxiety.

Results and report

Dawn was over the moon to find out that Martin hadn’t been cheating on her. He had never had sex, sexual contact or even kissed anyone else since being married to her. Our polygraph examiner suggested that Martin sit down and discuss his situation with her.  Driving long distance without sleep is a recipe for disaster.

The lie detector test in Portsmouth has made Martin appreciate that he should share is worries with his wife.  Living with suspicion erodes relationships sometimes to the point of no repair.  Martin is also looking into sophisticated security technology for his truck.

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