Life in the military has its pros and cons. Long periods of absence don’t necessarily make the heart grow fonder. Infidelity tends to be shrouded in secrecy more so than in civilian life since it can be career changing if discovered.  A worried daughter, concerned about her parent’s marriage, contacted us for an infidelity lie detector test in Oxford. The results for her were unsurprising.

Tracey’s case

Tracey was angry with her father. She couldn’t prove it at the time but Ben was playing away from home. Her mother Rita was in the RAF, she’d trained for years as an aircraft technician and Tracey was so proud of her. The whole family believed a woman’s place was in the home but Rita had proved them all wrong, When Rita said she wanted to join the RAF they’d all laughed, saying it was a man’s job. She’d studied hard and finally got all the qualifications she needed. Tracey looked up to her Mum and hoped she’d be like her one day.

A bright start to adult life

Tracey knew how lucky she was. Each time her mum had a new post they’d move to a different country. Even though she missed her friends this had allowed her to learn 5 languages. At 18 she knew this was a massive achievement and that it would help her in later life.

The problem was her Dad. Her Mum was so happy when she returned home; it was hard for Tracey to tell her how many women had been in the house whilst she was away. The last straw came when Rita returned home a day early on summer leave. She’d hoped to surprise her family and was excited to see Ben but he wasn’t home.


They looked in the local bars but Tracey knew where he was. He’d been seen out with a local girl, Wendy. She’d been at the house the previous evening and Tracey wasn’t stupid, her dad was with her. The devoted daughter sat her mother down and told her how her father and Rita’s husband had been playing away from home. Rita didn’t believe it. They’d been childhood sweethearts and she’d been working away and so hard for such a long time that she couldn’t ever believe he’d do that.

Reality check

Tracey contacted us for an infidelity lie detector test in Oxford. She needed her mother to know that whilst she was out in danger for months on end, providing for the family that her first love didn’t care and was sleeping with the whole town.

Ben vehemently denied Tracey’s allegations and willingly volunteered to take the test.  It transpired later that like so many others before him, he thought he could fool the polygraph.

D Day

Ben took the lie detector test in Oxford and the girls found out the truth. Of course, Tracey knew he’d fail. She’d lived her life knowing what he was up to for years. The results proved Ben was a cheat and a liar. Heartbroken, Rita explained to her sergeant she was getting a divorce and Ben was removed from their military service accommodation. Their once happy home was now miserable but honest.

Rita was an attractive woman, with good morals and a family ethic. She’d never been short of attention. However, the lie detector test in Oxford had proved the only two things that needed to matter in her life were her daughter and her career.

Rita and Tracey have reported to us they’ve moved to a new base and that Tracey’s 6th language is Mandarin. Rita has started dating another man. He’s in the Navy and understands the hell Rita goes through on a daily basis, being away from her family and the need for a faithful relationship.  His wife cheated on him too. He hadn’t needed a polygraph test to prove infidelity since he had caught her with her lover in bed together when he returned home on leave.

Infidelity Lie detector test in Oxford

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