It’s an exciting time of year when you book your summer holidays. It gives you and your family something to look forward to. More and more British people are opting for the security of an all-inclusive break. Saving cash on food and drinks is one of our main priorities these days but it can go wrong, leaving you disappointed and unable to enjoy the break you’ve saved so tirelessly for. One couple, Jean and Stephan opted for a lie detector test in Nuneaton to get the compensation they deserved.

A holiday of a lifetime

Jean and Stephan had been saving for the last year, both putting in so much overtime they rarely saw each other. It didn’t matter to them, as they knew in the next two months they were off on holiday for two weeks to Mexico. They’d got a fantastic deal from the new local travel agent in the town centre and couldn’t wait. They booked the ‘Mystery’ hotel as it had been nearly £500.00 cheaper. With 7 different styles of restaurants and 8 bars at the resort, the £3000 holiday was cheap at double the price. When the agent gave them the prices, they asked if that was per person. Finding it wasn’t, they booked it without hesitation.

All-inclusive at a cost

The first issue when they arrived was the hotel. OK so they’d chosen a mystery hotel but this wasn’t the 4 star they’d been led to believe they booked. The hotel was shabby with building work going on all around them; this was a 2 star if anything. Thinking they wouldn’t be spending much time in the room anyway, they went down to grab some lunch. Of all the restaurants supposed to be there, only 2 were open. Worse still only one bar was open. Had the travel agency known? Jean was beginning to think so and over dinner one day they joked about making the agent sit a lie detector test in Nuneaton when they got back.

Making the most out of a bad situation

Jean and Stephan tried to enjoy themselves but Jean fell ill with food poisoning – this was the last straw! The last week of the holiday in ruins, they returned home defeated. Maybe the lie detector test in Nuneaton wasn’t such a silly idea after all.  Contacting the travel agent and the travel insurance company seemed fruitless. They didn’t expect all of their money back but their experience hadn’t been what they’d been promised.

Where’s the proof?

Stephan contacted Lie Detector Test UK to arrange and pay for a polygraph test and then called the travel agents. He explained that if the agents didn’t know how bad the hotel was then they’d let things lie. After some heated words, that included threats to contact ABTA and other consumer protection bodies the travel agent who sold them the holiday agreed to take the lie detector test in Nuneaton.

Having taken the test, Jean and Stephan found she did know about the building work. She also knew the restaurants were closed due to food hygiene issues. There had been a myriad of previous complaints about the hotel. Naturally since the hotel was a ‘mystery’ offer no one could study reviews online unless they had actually been there.  The travel agent sold them the holiday, irrespective of her knowledge, as she was paid on a commission basis

The company had no idea of what she’d done and she was dismissed. The travel agency advised all staff to remove this holiday from their systems. The lie detector test in Nuneaton ensured the next holiday Jean and Stephan went on was completely free, with the very best of compliments from the travel agency.

Lie detector test in Nuneaton

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