This was the most amusing Lie Detector Test in Northampton we have been asked to conduct. Although we proved our client’s innocence, the mystery of the case remains unresolved.

Anna’s case

Jane had lived next door to Anna for a number of years. Over time, she’d watched Jane’s garden at the front of the house grow into the monstrosity it was today.  There were knickknacks everywhere. The little water fountain that stood amidst the jungle was pleasant enough with two ornamental doves sitting on the top of it. But if Anna was honest it probably wasn’t that nice, just the best out of a bad bunch.  Nevertheless Anna always complimented Jane on the garden.  She was elderly and was clearly putting a lot of work into it, whatever the result.

Gnome place like home

The gnomes had only appeared a few months prior but it was like a large gnome community out there. The local kids made fun of them but Jane loved them and this was all that really mattered. Anna had been out watering her own garden when Jane asked her if she’d seen one of them. She said her biggest gnome, Walter, was missing. He’d been there the day before and she hadn’t moved him. Anna hadn’t seen him and she said so, but this would turn out to be the first in a long list of accusations. Each day a different gnome would go missing but be returned and swapped the very next day. Anna kept watch over a few nights but never managed to catch the culprit in the act. Anna had thought it was funny to start with but as she watched Jane get more and more upset she started to feel sorry for her.

Gnome mercy

Jane’s family had come to visit and they stopped in on Anna. They said she needed to stop swapping the gnomes as it was sending Jane round the bend. Anna reiterated that she had nothing to do with it but again was accused of trying to upset Jane.

Anna couldn’t handle the constant accusations, aimed at her for over 9 months, from Jane’s friends and family.  She contacted us for a lie detector test in Northampton as a last resort.  We laughed when she originally confirmed what questions she wanted to be asked.  Anna said that she had found it amusing when it first started too. Although professional at all times we could see the funny side of the issue. We advised Anna that a polygraph test would get to the root of the problem (no pun intended).

Gnome Idea

Anna returned to her house triumphant. She’d taken the lie detector test in Northampton, proved her innocence and had it in black and white. She went straight to Jane’s house and showed her the polygraph examination results report.

Jane was confident it had been Anna. She’d always said how much she liked the garden and Jane had just thought she was jealous of her prize gnomes and taken them for herself. This forced Anna to admit the garden was overkill and above all she hated gnomes. Anna had only complimented her as she could see the hard work Jane had been putting in. She suggested moving all of the gnomes to the back garden as there was no access to it for whoever was playing games with them.

Jane admitted that the garden was a bit of a jungle and not long afterwards employed a garden landscaper to give it a makeover.  The polygraph examination proved Anna’s innocence but also managed to rid her of the hideous garden next door.

Lie detector test in Northampton

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