Lie Detector Test in Newport exposes Dishonest Stepfather

Finding new love later in life can be tricky, especially when there are children involved. Tara didn’t think she’d need to contact us for lie detector test in Newport when her mother met a new love interest at work.

Tara’s case

Shane had met Linda when they were working together at a local pub. Linda was a single mother with a child, Tara who was 17. Shane moved in after a year but Tara was beginning to complain about him. Linda was convinced Tara was acting up and when Shane said she’d made a pass at him, she said she needed to move out when she was 18 a few months later. Linda was convinced Tara hated Shane. The relationship with Tara’s father hadn’t ended well and Linda knew she resented her for the break-up. She’d even said to Shane that it was all her mother’s fault and she’d rather live with her father.

Domineering stepfather

Tara had protested to Linda that Shane had been threatening her. She resented having to ask him for money or anything else she needed. Tara knew that Shane was trying to take over her mother’s life. He had made all the accounts joint and even said it would be easier if he controlled all the household money and provide her with housekeeping. Linda was grateful for the things Shane was doing; she thought he was looking after her.  Why wouldn’t her daughter want her to be happy? And why would she be saying all of these terrible things about the man her mother loved? She truly believed Tara was lying and Shane was the saint she’d always thought he was.

Conversely, Tara who was still at college was reliant on her mother financially.  If she was late in Shane would threaten to take away her allowance.  She also felt terribly embarrassed about asking him for money to buy personal things like sanitary products.  She had to clean his car once a week to even be eligible to receive her allowance.

Lie Detector Test in Newport

Tara had a small amount of money tucked away. It was supposed to be for her first car but she chose to invest some of it in a lie detector test in Newport. She explained she wanted to take the test herself. She needed to prove she hadn’t been lying and expose Shane for the manipulative and controlling person he was. If she didn’t do this, who knows where her mother would be later down the line?

The results of the polygraph test were sent to her mother’s email address at Tara’s request. When Linda read them she was stunned to see her daughter hadn’t been lying. The child she’d raised single-handedly had been suffering mostly in silence. She’d even spent her own money to prove her innocence. Linda felt terrible; blood should always be thicker than water.

Time to move on

Linda asked Shane to leave and return her bank cards and other financial information. He did so but shortly afterwards Linda realised all of her savings had been frittered away – £30 here and £50 there. She couldn’t get in touch with him and the cards had been changed to joint account cards, meaning she didn’t have a leg to stand on with the police. She opened a new account and she and Tara are now both doing well. There shouldn’t have been a need for Tara to take the lie detector test in Newport but Linda is very grateful she cared enough to do so.

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