When an antique engagement ring went missing a distraught grandmother called us to book a lie detector test in Newcastle for her grandson’s wife.

Rose’s case

Rose was very excited her grandson Gary was getting ready to propose to his long term girlfriend Cheryl. They’d been seeing each other for 6 years and Rose thought it was about time he made an honest woman of her. They were living together and Rose hadn’t liked this from the onset. She was very traditional and still believed in courting and no sex before marriage. She’d joked about booking a lie detector test in Newcastle to make sure they were sticking to the rules but that had gone out of the window 2 years prior when her great-grandson Jaden had been born.

Father’s blessing

Rose had ensured Gary asked Cheryl’s father for his blessing and when he turned up to tell her he had, she was over the moon. Rose gave Gary her mother’s engagement ring. His great grandmother’s ring was beautiful and very old. Rose wanted him to give it to Cheryl. She’d never had any sons and this was the closest she was going to get to handing down the ring for the right reasons. The ring sparkled with diamonds, set in antique gold. It had to be at least 200 years old and had been passed down to the sons, through the generations. Rose hoped her great-grandson would eventually give it to his new bride in years to come.

Sentimental value

Gary proposed to Cheryl the following day and she accepted. She was dazzled by the beauty of the ring and how old it was. They were married and for 15 years they were very happy but Cheryl changed. She wasn’t the happy go, lucky person Gary had dated and married. These days she was withdrawn, like she was on drugs or something.

She’d started spending time with the new next-door neighbour, Katie, who was a lot younger than Cheryl and was always having parties. Gary had lost count of the number of times he’d have to tell her to keep the noise down. When Cheryl went over there, she’d leave her wedding ring on but take off the engagement ring. She’d had it valued for the house insurance and was astonished to find it was worth over £8,000. She wasn’t taking any chances. Gary thought the ring meant too much to her and she’d be devastated if anything happened to it.

Lie detector test in Newcastle

One morning she wasn’t wearing her ring and when Gary asked where it was she told him it was in the jewellers being cleaned. A few weeks later she still didn’t have it. Gary knew she was lying as she wouldn’t say which jewellers and then made an excuse they’d lost it. They wouldn’t pay for the value either. Gary spoke to Rose who was extremely upset and more particularly didn’t believe Cheryl’s story any more than Gary did.  Rose called us to book a lie detector test in Newcastle. She needed to know what happened to the ring and if what Cheryl was saying was right, it shouldn’t be a problem. Cheryl could hardly protest in front of Rose so agreed.

Cheryl met our Newcastle polygraph examiner who administered the test in our offices. It transpired that she had lied about the jewellers but she did know where the ring was. She had pawned the ring for £500 in order to help out Katie to buy drugs for a party she was having. Katie had promised to return the money but hadn’t and now she didn’t have the £700 needed to get the ring back. The polygraph examination results, in Gary’s opinion, had proved the ring meant nothing to Cheryl.


Rose and Gary clubbed together to get the ring back. It’s now safely stored in Rose’s safe and passes to her great grandson in her will. She hopes the ring will mean more to Jaden than it did to his mother. Gary and Cheryl have recovered from the results of the lie detector test but Gary has said he wouldn’t think twice about booking another one if needed.

Deceit within families is always difficult to deal with.  The polygraph provides a discreet, confidential way to discover the truth of any matter.  It helps mend relationships or allows people to go their separate ways.  If you have an issue involving deceit contact us to find out if a lie detector test in Newcastle or elsewhere in the UK can help.