Lie Detector Test in Newbury exposes more than Hypochondria

Mar 25, 2020

When our client’s husband kept taking time off work due to sickness, but seemed perfectly well, she booked a lie detector test in Newbury to get to the bottom of it.

Julie’s Case

Jeff had been terrible when he started working at a local call centre. He’d only been there a few weeks before he complained of a stomach upset and didn’t go in for a week. His wife, Julie, worked full time and had offered to stay home to look after him but he always said he’d be okay.  He got paid statutory sickness benefit, so as long as he had a doctor’s note after 7 days, he’d be fine.

Migraine and ‘flu’

When Julie got home in the evenings Jeff would be playing on his PlayStation and he looked fine. He was fully dressed and had showered and shaved. Why would he do that if he was so ill?

The next sickness was a migraine and again when Julie got home he’d look like he was ready to go out rather than like someone who’d been lying down in a dark room for hours. The company had brought him in for a disciplinary hearing after the third time. He didn’t go in because he had a “bad cold” but he’d gotten away with it. Jeff had been shocked by the action and seemed to behave himself for a few months.


Julie had been worried about the effects of the Coronavirus but was still a little suspicious when Jeff started showing cold like symptoms. It had only just reached the UK and everyone that had it was in quarantine. He’d spoken to his employer and they’d told him to stay home and self-isolate. Julie called the doctor and he suggested the same thing. There wasn’t anything Julie could do about it, so she continued to go to work. Over lunch, Julie was discussing the details of all his illnesses with her colleague. How he always seemed fine when she got home and never appeared too ill.

They decided to call us about a lie detector test in Newbury and having discussed the matter in depth, Julie booked the test online.

Lie detector test in Newbury

Jeff willingly agreed to go along for the polygraph examination which surprised Julie.  She warned our polygraph examiner that if there was a way to cheat the test, Jeff would find it. Our examiner assured her that he knew all the tricks.

Jeff never attempted to cheat the test and the results proved he wasn’t ill at all. He’d been faking the illnesses to go out and cheat on Julie with different people. The affairs had been going on for months and he didn’t want to stay with her. She had provided him with the way to tell her by booking the lie detector test in Newbury.  Julie was upset he hadn’t told her in the first place and saved her the heartache.  He said there never seemed to be the right time, so better she got it in writing with the polygraph report.

Considering he had been in and out of work throughout 4 years of marriage Julie wondered that she hadn’t noticed what a coward he was.  She felt used but was grateful that she now had the truth and the ability to move on with her life.

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