Is my Mother having an Affair with her Boss?

This query about a lie detector test in Newark came from a daughter worried about her parents’ marriage. Our East Midlands polygraph examiner gave the benefit of his advice.

Q: Lie Detector Test in Newark Query – Is my Mother having an Affair with her Boss?

I’m writing to see if a lie detector test could help me find out if my mother is being honest. She has been spending a lot of time with a married man recently and I’m hoping that it is just as friends. My father suffers from dementia and it’s been hard for her, having to care for him as well as trying to work from home.

The married man is her boss and this is how they have managed to keep meeting up. She says she needs to go to the office once a week and I assume this is what he is telling his wife. I may just be being paranoid but she never used to dress up to the nines for work. She says it’s because she’s stuck in the house all day and it makes her feel good to make an effort on the rare occasions she goes out.

I’m not sure I’d blame her if she is having an affair but I just wish she’d be honest with me. I still live at home due to my father’s illness and sometimes the things he says are so hurtful. The next minute he doesn’t remember saying them. It’s an awful situation to be in but I need to know. I admit to being a little selfish because if she leaves, I will be left to cope with my father’s care.

Could you conduct a lie detector test in Newark to find out if she’s still being faithful to my Dad?

E. N., Newark

Response from East Midlands Polygraph Examiner

What a difficult position you are in.  Your concerns about being left to care for your father alone are understandable.  In these uncertain times, it’s always better that we know where we stand especially when it comes to caring for someone with dementia.

We can of course give your mother a lie detector test either at home or in our Newark controlled offices.  However, she would have to agree to take one. Do you think she will?

More advice and booking

You can confidentially call our free helpline on 07572 748364 if you need to chat more about your situation.  Our customer care team will be able to help you with how to persuade your mother to take the test if you feel that will be an issue. Let them know the East Midlands polygraph examiner has suggested you call.

Alternatively you can go ahead and book a test online via our securing booking system.