Lie Detector Test in Newark Enquiry – Christmas Infidelity

It’s that time of the year again when we begin to receive queries about Christmas infidelity.  Our East Midlands polygraph examiner responded to this concerned wife.

Q: I think my husband is cheating with his ex-wife. Will a lie detector test prove it one way or the other?

My husband and I have been married for 5 years.  He has always maintained a relationship with his ex-wife because of their children.  The kids are 9 and 13 years old.  Whenever he visits them he stays overnight as we live at opposite ends of the country. Although we have no children of our own, I am never invited to make those visits with him.

In fairness before the Covid restrictions, I was usually working when he saw the kids so even if I’d been invited, it’s unlikely I’d have been able to go.  Since the restrictions have been in place we have both worked from home so it would be relatively easy now.  He says his ex-wife wouldn’t let us both stay overnight with her and it’s difficult booking hotels at the moment.

The last time he visited them, he was there a month because of the restrictions in Scotland.  The whole situation is so confusing I have no idea what is going on.  He said that in any event, it would give him time to spend with the kids in case he couldn’t visit at Christmas.

Now Boris is thinking about easing lockdown rules over Christmas he’s saying he might go again, depending on what happens where they live.

To be honest, I think he probably had a bit of pre-Christmas infidelity with his ex-wife when he was there last. And now he’s planning some more.  Can you do a home lie detector test in Newark and how much information will it give me?

R. E., Newark

Response from East Midlands Polygraph Examiner

To directly answer your question, we can conduct a residential lie detector test in Newark providing there are no interruptions during the course of the test. If you decide to book a polygraph examination you can discuss the environmental conditions necessary with our customer care team who will happily advise you.

In terms of what the test will tell you, it really depends on what you want to know.  If the issue is Christmas infidelity a test will be able to establish what your husband did when he last visited.  It won’t define what he is thinking about doing on the next visit.  This is because what he might be thinking about doing on the day of the test could easily change the day after.

Having these worries just before Christmas must be dreadful for you.  At least if you can convince your husband to take a test now, and he passes it, you won’t need to worry if he goes for another visit. If he doesn’t pass, then at least you’ll be able to consider what you want to do in the future.

More advice

More information about how the test works and the environmental conditions necessary for it can be obtained from our customer care team.  However, if you’d like further advice before booking call our free helpline and mention that you have been advised to call by the East Midlands Polygraph Examiner.  We can then discuss in more detail your requirements.   We hope we can help you with your Christmas infidelity issues as we have so many others.