When our client’s partner appeared to be lying about his spending and earnings, she ordered a lie detector test in Milton Keynes to find out what he was up to.

Marie’s Case

Marie had been seeing William for four years. They were happy enough but like most couples lived day to day and worried about money. With two young girls Marie could only manage to work part time. William worked for a local construction company but after eight years working for them he was made redundant. Unfortunately since William worked as a self-employed labourer, he wasn’t entitled to any redundancy pay. He’d tried for a few months to get another job but his efforts hadn’t made any progress.

Missing money

They managed to claim a few benefits but money was very tight. They had enough to eat and have the occasional treat day out with the kids. But when money started being spent out of their joint bank account, Marie became worried. She asked why William was taking money out and he said it was to look for work. At first, it was only the odd £20 here and there but it was making life more difficult by the day. Marie understood he couldn’t walk to all his job interviews but why were the withdrawals getting more frequent?

Welcome news

The day came when William announced he’d found a job. The relief Marie felt was unbelievable and soon she was planning a family holiday. However, the extra money didn’t seem like a lot for the hours he was putting in. He was being paid cash in hand, so there was no way for her to check up on him. William said he was not even being paid minimum wage and this was why the long hours weren’t bringing in a huge amount of cash.

Marie knew William had been offered jobs below minimum wage before and turned them down. She knew something wasn’t right and needed to know what. She contacted us to enquire about a polygraph test that she subsequently booked online.

Lie detector test in Milton Keynes

William wasn’t happy but agreed to take the polygraph test. Marie had orchestrated the questions to find out if he was cheating and if he was being paid more than he had admitted to.

The results confirmed that William was earning more money than he’d said but the worst news was to come. Not only had he been cheating but when he was found out, he broke down and admitted the reason he’d lied about his earnings.  He had fathered another child. He needed to support the child and had been paying maintenance direct to avoid Marie finding out.

The report from the lie detector test in Milton Keynes made Marie realise she could never trust William again. As far as she’s aware he is now with his secret family.

South East lie detector tests

Our polygraph examiners operate throughout the entire South East region and nationwide. They are highly qualified, professionals and accredited by the American Polygraph Association.  They conduct tests for all issues involving dishonesty, when it is important that the truth is found.  These issues include, but are not limited to, infidelity, fraud, theft, domestic violence and child abuse.

For more information about South East lie detector tests call our free helpline on 07572 748364. Or contact us using our website contact form.  You can be assured that your matter will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.