Lie Detector Test in Mansfield resolves Family Business Theft

Family business theft is a sensitive and awkward matter to deal with. Our client ordered a lie detector test in Mansfield to discreetly resolve it.

Malcolm´s Case

From small beginnings Malcolm´s business had grown into a fairly large concern. His father had started the construction firm in the 1950s and he´d taken over when the old man retired.

Over the years they had picked up several council maintenance contracts and were the ´go to´ professionals for listed building roofing.

During the Covid pandemic they had been lucky as they continued to work throughout. However, contracts that they had tendered for, and usually attained, had not been forthcoming. Malcolm just couldn´t understand why, considering he hadn´t quoted any more than usual for the work.

It was pointless speaking to procurement managers since any information regarding tenders was kept confidential. And they would never tell you why you hadn´t been successful.

Checking out the competition

Looking through the tenders one day, Malcolm realised that many would have been granted so he went for a drive around the sites. Of the eleven tenders he had submitted, he hadn´t got one but it appeared his main competitors had them all. He went from site to site and their vans were there.

Usually they were more expensive than his firm so it seemed very strange to him that they would have won the contracts. With a reputation second to none, Malcolm´s company wouldn´t have lost out for anything other than price, he thought.

Talking it over that night with his wife, Michelle, she asked him who else knew about the tender quotes.  The only other person was his brother-in-law, Sean.

Michelle didn´t like Sean much and suggested that perhaps he had let the competitors know what their quotes had been. Malcolm wouldn´t hear of it. Why would Sean go to a competitor with that information he asked? Michelle simply said “follow the money”.

Lie detector test in Mansfield

Malcolm thought long and hard before calling us to ask if we could help with what he considered to be family business theft.  He knew that accusing Sean of leaking the tender information would cause all sorts of problems within the family.  His sister would be enraged, and two of Sean´s sons worked for the business.

We suggested that he implement periodic lie detector tests as part of the firm´s loss prevention strategy. He could tell Sean that the management should be seen to take them first. Sean was enthusiastic about the tests since they often had materials going missing. He thought this was the reason Malcolm was introducing them.

However, when Sean turned up for the lie detector test in Mansfield he learned in the pre-test interview what questions he would be asked. Naturally, they related to the tenders. Deception was found in all his answers.


On receipt of the fully analysed, peer reviewed polygraph report, Malcolm met with Sean to discuss his results.  Sean blamed Malcolm´s sister for what he had done.  He said her constant attempts to “keep up with the Jones´s” were costing him more than he could ever earn.  For each tender price he´d passed to competitors he had received £3,500.

Malcolm told him that he couldn´t work with someone who effectively robbed the family business. He wanted his immediate resignation, in return for which he would not go to the police. He would also keep the results of the polygraph examination secret. Malcolm didn´t care what Sean told his sister unless he caused trouble by telling her he had been sacked.  If he did, she would get a copy of the polygraph results.

Family Business Theft

This crime is one that business owners seldom take to the police due to the family rifts it can cause, sometimes permanently. Lie detector tests are a discreet way of putting a stop to it.

If you have a similar problem to the one our client experienced, please call our free helpline to discuss how we may be able to help you.