Lie Detector Test in Loughborough for Theft within the Family

When our client helped her brother out, she never thought she’d need to book a lie detector test in Loughborough due to money going missing.

Marianne’s Case

When Marianne’s brother, Nigel, split with his girlfriend he needed somewhere to stay.  He had been kicked out of their flat and Marianne offered to put him up temporarily until he found somewhere else.

The problem was that Nigel worked in London and would have to leave his job since Marianne was in the East Midlands.  He was broke anyway but he arranged with the DIY chain he worked for to get a transfer. He moved in with Marianne within a few days.

Things went fairly well for about a month. Nigel went to work and although he didn’t contribute anything to the household, Marianne was happy to be helping him.  She didn’t expect him to pay for a temporary stay.  However, one month led to two, then three and four.

Marianne loved Nigel but he was disrupting her life.  He had left his job after 6 weeks because he didn’t like the supervisor in the new depot.  He spent what little money he had left on beer and played computer games for hours.  Worse, he was bringing a string of girls back to the house who would help themselves to breakfast in the morning before they left.

Missing money

The final straw came when a significant sum of money went missing and Marianne believed Nigel had taken it.

Marianne’s estranged husband had left a motorbike in their garage when they split up.  He had advertised it on eBay and sold it very quickly. He asked Marianne if she would take the cash (£1,800) from the buyer and give him the keys and paperwork when he turned up.  As her husband worked away she agreed to pay the money into his bank account.

The buyer duly arrived and Marianne put the cash in her desk drawer.  Nigel saw her do it because he’d been using her laptop in the study, allegedly looking for work.

A couple of days later, Marianne was going into town and took the envelope of cash out of the drawer so that she could pay it into the bank. When she got to the bank she handed the envelope over to the cashier and asked for it to be paid into her husband’s account. However, when the cash was counted there was only £1250 in the envelope.

When she got home, Marianne confronted Nigel but he vehemently denied stealing it.

Lie detector test in Loughborough

Marianne booked a polygraph examination for Nigel.  She gave him two choices, leave or take the test.  He seemed more than willing to take the test which she found surprising, considering he was the only person who could have taken it. After all he was the only one who knew where the money was.

Our East Midlands polygraph examiner asked Nigel if he had taken the money, whether he knew where the money was, and if he knew who had stolen it.

The results showed no deception at all. He hadn’t taken it and knew nothing about its disappearance.


Discussing the results of the lie detector test in Loughborough with her brother, Marianne apologised for accusing him.  However, it was clear the money hadn’t vanished into thin air.

The only possible explanation is that one of his many women had taken it.  Marianne told Nigel he had better find out who has stolen it or find a way to replace it. It wasn’t her money and she had to pay it into her ex-husband’s account.

She will update us when she has more information.