As a result of a Referendum Campaign message on a bus which stated that the UK pays the EU £350 million a week, Boris Johnson MP has been summoned to court on a charge of Misconduct in Public Office.  We reported on this proposed action earlier in the year which has no become a reality.  It is a private crowdfunded action taken out by entrepreneur Marcus Ball.  We invite Boris to take a lie detector test in London to clear up certain issues.

The fact that a judge felt there was a case to answer could easily set a new precedent in terms of lies that politicians generally tell.

Did Boris Johnson lie deliberately?

Technically Boris might have been dishonest when he repeated many times during the EU referendum in 2016 the mantra “We send the EU £350 million a week, let’s fund our NHS instead”. However, the £350 million a week refers to the UK membership fee which is £19 billion per year. This figure is never actually paid to the EU because before any money is paid a rebate is applied.  The true figure is more like £250 million per week.  And then some of the money is invested by the EU into UK projects.

There are other payments made to the EU that are in addition to the membership fee. As Full Fact discovered it is much easier to state how much money is paid to the EU but the economic benefit is harder to define. It may be that Boris Johnson took all of the money paid to the EU when asserting the figure that is paid overall.  Or, naturally he could have deliberately lied which doubtless will be ascertained in court.

For this reason we invite Boris Johnson to take a lie detector test in London or in a location of his choice.  This will establish whether he deliberately lied or not.

Marcus Ball

It has emerged over the last 24 hours that Marcus Ball used some of the money he collected through crowdfunding for personal items.  These include self-defence lessons, accommodation and branded cupcakes amounting allegedly to around £50,000.  Perhaps Mr Ball, who is a veritable pioneer of holding politicians to account for their lies, would like to take a lie detector test in London too.  We could verify whether he is telling the truth when he states that he mismanaged some of the money.

Lie detector test in London

If either of the two parties in this action decide to take us up on our offer of polygraph tests what questions would you like to ask them?

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