RAF wife seeks advice about Lie Detector Test in Lincolnshire for Infidelity

Aug 29, 2019

Q: I am interested in having a lie detector test in Lincolnshire but how discreet is it?

My husband is in the RAF and I used to trust him completely but there are now things that are making me feel uneasy. He was recently sent away for two weeks for some combat training but when he came back didn’t seem to want to talk about it. He’s normally full of stories of what he got up to with the lads but he was just really cagey.

Normally after combat training he comes home with a filthy uniform but this time everything was clean, even his pants and socks. I appreciate they do clean their kit on the base but he normally has something I need to wash when he gets home. The other odd thing was the washing powder didn’t smell like their usual brand. In fairness it smelt like softener, which they don’t use on his base. I swear it almost smelt like perfume but that could be my mind playing tricks on me.

We haven’t had sex in 3 months and when I go near him he just says he’s tired. We don’t even go up to bed at the same time. Sometimes we don’t sleep in the same room. He says I snore!

I think he’s having an affair and was wondering if a lie detector test may be able to help. We’ve been married for 12 years and I know he loves me but I don’t think he’s in love with me anymore. I worship the ground he walks on and for that reason I want him to be happy, whether it’s with me or not.

If you do a lie detector test in Lincolnshire, which is convenient for to where we live, my only worry is how discreet it is.  Infidelity is still frowned upon in the military and I don’t want this getting back to the base.

A. D., Lincolnshire

Response from Lincolnshire Polygraph Examiner

I can understand your concerns with regard to discretion.  Infidelity doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a career but can do in certain circumstances.  Our polygraph services are discreet to the point we don’t have signs on our offices or branding on our cars. You can book a test online via our website and be assured that your issue is a matter that remains confidential between us and you.

However, before you book a test I suggest you ask your husband if he is having an affair.  Being in the RAF he may well have been on a mission that he is not allowed to talk to you about.  This assumes you haven’t already done so.

You will also need to get him to agree to the polygraph examination.  If you need advice regarding how to persuade him please call our free helpline on 0800 368 8277. Tell our customer service representative that you are following up on advice you have received on the blog.

Living with suspicion can destroy relationships and I admire your desire to do something about it quickly.

Lie Detector Test in Lincolnshire

If, after discussion with your husband, you decide to book a lie detector test in Lincolnshire our online system is very easy to use.  You can choose a location best suited to you.  The test takes around 2 hours. Once the polygraph examination has taken place you will receive the results within 24-48 hours with a fully analysed, peer reviewed report.  In possession of all the facts you can then decide how you want to move forward with your marriage.

I should point out that many of our clients, even when infidelity is proven, go on to repair their relationships.

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