Sandra challenged her neighbour Gareth to take a lie detector test in Leicester after he said he could beat it. He soon found out he couldn’t.

Sandra’s case

Sandra couldn’t prove it but she was confident her neighbour had been watching her. He’d pop round uninvited and small things would go missing from the house. They weren’t expensive but personal things like perfume and little trinkets that had no real value to anyone else. Clothes would disappear too and although Sandra was forgetful, she knew these things had been in the house prior to Gareth’s visit. Obviously, she’d asked if he’d seen them and he’d just shrug it off and pretend he didn’t know what she was talking about.

Sandra was worried mentioned these disappearances when Gareth was around to friends and family but no one believed her. They all accused her of lying and trying to get their friend and neighbour into trouble.

A pillar of the community

Gareth claimed he was an ex-soldier, now teaching disadvantages kids at the local community centre. He’d become a pillar of the local community since moving into the area a few months previously. Neighbourhood watch was his way of gaining the town’s trust and his excuse for knowing everyone’s coming and goings. The small rural town was very community orientated and everyone knew everyone else’s business, but Sandra couldn’t shake off the feeling he knew a little more about her than everyone else. She lived alone which made the feeling in the pit of her stomach all the more unnerving. Since she had been accusing Gareth, she now seemed to be ignored by most.

She’d read about lie detector tests on the internet when looking for a solution to her ever increasing worries but thought Gareth would never go for it. Sandra wanted to prove she wasn’t lying and he had in fact been stealing things from her. This meant two lie detector tests and at double the cost. Her goal wasn’t to get Gareth into trouble but to prove her innocence. She’d lived in the town all her life and the thought of friends and family not trusting her made her feel sick.

A challenge to beat the lie detector test

Sandra rang the number nervously and found that she could have a discount on the two tests booked at the same time. She was going to ask Gareth to take the lie detector test in Leicester and prove she wasn’t going mad. She called Gareth who eagerly popped round to see her.  She’d engineered a catch-up to get him over. Sandra put a well-known TV show on and it was lie detector test day. She chatted to Gareth who said that anyone could beat a lie detector test so Sandra challenged him to take one. Surprisingly he agreed. 

Lie detector test in Leicester results

Following the test, they both sat down with the results and to her surprise, Gareth admitted he’d taken the things from her home and was in love with her. The things reminded him of her and he knew she’d never be interested so that’s why he’d taken them.

It appeared that during the test the advice given by the polygraph examiner had convinced Gareth he wasn’t going to be able to lie his way out of this one. Sandra calmly told Gareth she’d be happy to remain friends but no more than that. And she had to share the results with her family.

Gareth shortly moved out of the area and hopefully is leading a more honest and less intrusive life. Thanks to the lie detector test in Leicester Sandra feels safe and secure knowing that Gareth is no longer living next door and that she hadn’t been going mad after all.