The recent broadcast of the BBC Panorama investigation into anti-Semitism within the Labour Party has caused much debate both on social and mainstream media.  Jeremy Corbyn has been mired in controversy since taking over the leadership of the opposition. He has been accused of participating in anti-Semitic behaviour and worse. We invite him to take a lie detector test in Islington to clarify these and other allegations.

Is Jeremy Corbyn and anti-Semite?

The Labour Party has always attracted a large percentage of the Jewish vote.  However, recently that vote is diminishing as the party fails to adequately address what has been referred to as “endemic anti-Jewish behaviour” by a London based Jewish advocacy group (Labour Against Anti-semitism). Earlier this year the group produced a scathing 15,000 page report that has taken 2 years to complete.  It detailed anti-Semitic social media posts made by members of the Labour party as well as ‘officials’. Submitting the report to the British Equality and Human Rights Commission the group has requested a full investigation into the matter.

A target of much criticism is Jeremy Corbyn. It is alleged by the Jewish Chronicle that more than 85 percent of British Jews consider that the leader of the Labour Party is anti-Semitic.  What doesn’t help Corbyn’s cause, when he denies he is an anti-Semite, is that he refers to proscribed terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas as friends.  Only after public outrage did Corbyn apologise for defending a graffiti artist’s work renowned for an anti-Semitic mural which was ultimately removed from a wall in the East End of London.  Other criticisms of Corbyn include his overt support for a boycott of Israel, laying flowers on the graves of terrorists from Palestine and applauding a speaker at an anti-Israel event who called for the country to be dismantled.

Where does Jeremy Corbyn stand regarding the EU?

For most of his political career Mr Corbyn has been openly anti the EU as can be seen in the video below produced by the BBC.

Since the EU referendum in 2016 he appears to have variously “sat on the fence” with regard to the constant debates encompassing the vote to Leave.

In more recent times he appears to have prostituted his principles for power since he now supports another referendum and a customs union with the EU.  Generally Labour’s policy on the EU is obscure.  It seems to change depending on which MP is interviewed. Considering that many of Labour’s heartlands voted to leave, but it also has a high Remain contingent, we believe a lie detector test in Islington might clarify Jeremy Corbyn’s true stance on the matter.

Lie detector test in Islington

One question we believe most people would like the answer to is “Has Jeremy Corbyn engaged in anti-Semitic behaviour?” A lie detector test in Islington, near to or in his home, would take up around 2 hours of his time and could clear up a lot of issues for him.

Will Mr Corbyn accept our invitation to take a polygraph test?  It remains to be seen.