Lie Detector Test in High Wycombe exposes my Husband’s Double Life

Our client had been suspicious for some time that her husband was leading a double life.  She decided to order a lie detector test in High Wycombe to establish the truth.

Hazel’s Case

When Roger told Hazel he had to work in Scotland just before Christmas she wasn’t surprised. Every other year he had to go to Scotland and he always found a reason why he couldn’t come back on Christmas Day or Boxing Day. Usually it was because he had appointments up to Christmas Eve and then more appointments on the day after Boxing Day. He was a financial advisor working for nationwide brokers so travelled a lot.

Hazel couldn’t understand why it was always Roger who had to go on appointments so far away from home.  He became strangely irritated if she queried it.  They would argue when he said that she didn’t mind spending the extra money he earned.

Last year was particularly hard for Hazel as she was expecting their first child. They’d been trying for 7 years and were over the moon when finally the pregnancy was confirmed. The baby was due early in the New Year.

Hazel spent Christmas with her elderly parents who weren’t impressed by Roger’s absence. Her mother suggested he was leading a double life. Perhaps he had another wife and family in Scotland she said. It hit a raw nerve with Hazel because that’s exactly what she had been thinking for most of her married life.

Searching for evidence

When she got home she went into Roger’s study, something she only did to clean it. But this time, she decided to search through the drawers in his desk. Maybe she could find something that would dispel her fears.  The top left hand drawer was locked whereas all the others were open.  She opened the safe where all the copies of keys to the house were.  She had a habit of losing keys so was fanatical about getting spares. Roger wasn’t aware that she had also copied his office desk keys.

Opening the locked drawer, she was aghast to see photos in frames of him with another woman and two small children, a boy and a girl. On looking through the accounts she found regular payments to a woman who had the same surname as hers.


When Roger arrived home she confronted him with what she had found.  He was angry that she had been snooping in his desk drawers. He said that the woman in the photo was his sister.  She was a single mother and he’d supported her ever since the last of a long string of boyfriends had deserted her.  He said he hadn’t told Hazel about her because quite frankly he was ashamed of her.

Hazel didn’t believe him, and more so when he refused to give her the telephone number of his ‘sister’.

Lie detector test in High Wycombe

When Hazel contacted us for a lie detector test in High Wycombe, to be carried out in the matrimonial home she was very upset.  She’d given Roger an ultimatum – if he didn’t take a test, she would leave him.

In the pre-test interview Roger told our London polygraph examiner that the woman in the photo wasn’t his sister but a friend of a friend.  He had been sending money to her regularly but it was repaid in cash to him by his friend who was a married man having an affair.

The polygraph examination results proved he was being deceptive. The woman wasn’t a friend of a friend or his sister. She was his lover and the two children were his. The affair had been going on for the duration of his marriage to Hazel and a long time before it.


Hazel was devastated when she got the results from the lie detector test in High Wycombe. With a new baby due any day she feels lost.  She and Roger are arranging counselling to find out if there is anything left to salvage from their marriage. And she’ll keep us updated as to the outcome.