You might imagine that having failed one lie detector test in Harrogate, you wouldn’t want to take another.  However, our client’s estranged wife did with predictable results for him.

Brett’s Case

Brett was always careful with money and when his marriage dissolved he made sure his ex-wife, Debbie was more than comfortable. She had custody of their two young boys and although he’d been upset about the split, he wanted to ensure they were cared for. The marriage had broken up due to her cheating with a colleague at work and when Brett found out he’d asked her if it was true. Debbie had denied it but Brett had put her through a Harrogate lie detector test, and it had confirmed his fears.

For the sake of the children

Brett had tried to forgive her for the sake of the children but he just couldn’t trust her anymore. Maybe if she’d been honest when he’d asked, he could have tried. She hadn’t and two months after the Harrogate lie detector test they’d split. They hadn’t filed for divorce yet but Brett knew he needed to start thinking about it. The money he sent her always went into their joint bank account. This had been kept open so that Brett could check the bills were going out for the house. Even though he hadn’t done the cheating, he’d left the house with his ex-wife and children.

Rejected direct debits

Brett went to visit his children twice a week and when he arrived he asked to see the bank statement. Brett wanted to be sure what he was paying the family was enough to cover their monthly expenditure. Debbie said she hadn’t received the statement but would let him know when she had. He asked this question over three months yet Debbie kept saying it hadn’t arrived. Online banking had never been set up for the account and without both account holders agreeing to it, Brett couldn’t set it up. Instead he went to the bank to get the most recent statements. He was shocked to find there was no money in the account and some of the direct debits had been rejected. Looking at the statement, he could see various entries for online shopping to catalogues and hotels.

Big spender

Brett returned to his former home and asked Debbie about the entries. He informed her that the mortgage hadn’t been paid for two months due to the catalogue payments. Debbie protested that the things she’d bought were for the children and not for her. The hotels had been for work which she’d be reimbursed for.  She hadn’t had a statement so also hadn’t realised she’d overspent. Debbie even suggested some of the items had been his from months previously. Brett knew his ex-wife’s spending habits and he asked her if she was still seeing the person from work. He could handle a little online shopping but he couldn’t handle paying for her to stay in hotels with her lover.

Second lie detector test in Harrogate

Brett contacted us and booked another polygraph test for his wife. He wanted to provide for his children but he wouldn’t help his wife continue her relationship with another man.

Debbie took the test, as she knew Brett would cut her off entirely and go down the legal route to pay for his children if she didn’t. The polygraph results confirmed Debbie was still seeing the man from work and the hotel payments had been for their affair to continue without the children becoming aware.

Brett couldn’t understand why she couldn’t simply just tell him the truth, especially after failing the first lie detector test in Harrogate. Since most of what she had told Brett was the truth, she apparently believed the hotel expenses would go unnoticed during the test.

He is now paying all the household bills from his account and Debbie deals with his solicitor if she needs money for anything else. This means he is only paying for his children and not his wife’s lifestyle.

Yorkshire Polygraph Service

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