Lie Detector Test in Guildford exposes Cheating Wife

When something doesn’t make sense, it’s often not true.  Our client booked a lie detector test in Guildford when he couldn’t understand his wife’s behaviour.

Mitch’s Case

Pat and Mitch’s marriage had been rocky for number of years. Mitch had suspected Pat of cheating many times since they’d been together. They would argue then make up. He never had enough concrete proof she was cheating but he knew something wasn’t right.

They owned a little holiday home in France and spent six months living in each country, until one day Mitch suggested moving to France permanently. This was just before the pandemic hit and Pat seemed keen to make a fresh start. She said it was a good idea. They loved their little home and the French countryside was beautiful. They rented their house in the UK out fully furnished to some friends and off they went.

Life in Lockdown

Life was hard in lockdown as they had to spend each and every moment together. Neither could find work and they began to argue a lot. Pat had been back to the UK to find work and was told to self-isolate for 2 weeks, meaning she was in the UK far longer than she anticipated. Mitch tried to keep his mind off things by doing things around the house and trying to build an online business. But he just couldn’t shake the feeling Pat wasn’t being honest.

The reunion

Pat finally made it back home to France when the lockdown eased and she seemed genuinely happy to see him. Laden with all his favourite English foods that they were unable to get in their little French town, Mitch chastised himself for being so paranoid. It wasn’t more than a few days into their reunion that Pat announced she was going back to work in the UK. She would take the dog and their car with her. Mitch knew this was odd, the car yes but their dog? Why would she do that if she intended on coming back?

Lie detector test in Guildford

Mitch contacted us and booked a lie detector test in Guildford for when his wife returned to the UK. Pat told him not to be so silly and that of course she was coming back, but if she had to take a lie detector test to prove it then she would. The polygraph examination took place a few days after she returned and proved she was going to be returning to France. What she didn’t expect was for her final question to be about her fidelity to Mitch.

The polygraph results were sent to Mitch 24 hours later. As much as Mitch was happy his wife wanted to come back to France to live with him, the results from her lie detector test in Guildford showed she had been unfaithful. Mitch confronted his Pat about the results over the phone. He told her she had everything she needed in the UK and he wanted a divorce.

Home Counties Polygraph Service

If you can’t make sense of someone’s behaviour and feel they are not being truthful with you, a lie detector test is a fast way to clarify those issues.  Our polygraph examiners work diligently throughout London, the Home Counties and nationwide to find the answers you are seeking.

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