Brenda knew there were 3 sets of keys in her house but she could only find 2.  Her own house keys were missing and the only thing she could think of was that she’d left them at the supermarket that day.  When she’d come home from the supermarket Shaun, had spotted her car coming into the drive and come out to help her so she didn’t need her keys to open the front door.  But she knew she’d had them with her at the supermarket. The following morning she called the supermarket. They hadn’t found any keys and they did a sweep for those kinds of things every night. Shaun was annoyed as, yet again keys had been lost and he’d have to change the locks. Brenda told him she must have put them down somewhere and not to be so dramatic.


It wasn’t until they returned from work a couple of days later that they realised they’d been burgled. The house had been ransacked and Brenda’s expensive jewellery was missing. They called the police who told them there was no sign of forced entry. The insurance company wouldn’t pay out for the same reason. In fact, they threatened to cancel their insurance and report them for fraud because they’d tried to make a false claim.

Thinking back Brenda had seen her sister, Carol, on the evening of the day she’d been to the supermarket. Carol was complaining that she couldn’t pay her bills. She’d recently lost her job and had struggled. Brenda knew from experience things went missing when her sister was around and so contacted us for a lie detector test in Gloucester. Carol hadn’t stolen for years but there was no other explanation for this. The whole family had disowned her and Brenda was the only person who still spoke to her.

Shaun was adamant it was her. If they could prove it the insurance company would pay out if charges were filed against Carol by the police.  Brenda didn’t want to think her sister would do such a thing but she had to know.

Carol was outraged that they would accuse her and agreed to take the test on the premise that when she proved her innocence, Brenda and Shaun would pay her most urgent bills. They agreed.

Lie detector test in Gloucester

The lie detector test in Gloucester took place and Brenda could see Carol was nervous from the onset. The results were to be returned a few hours afterwards. In the pre-test interview Carol admitted to taking the keys. She claimed she’d picked them up by mistake. When she got home she realised they were Brenda’s and resolved to return them the following day. But when Brenda contacted her to ask if she’d seen them, she’d said “no”. She didn’t want her sister thinking she would take them deliberately. Then the burglary had happened and she couldn’t own up to taking them.

What Carol hadn’t realised was the examiner would ask if she knew anything about the break in and if she’d organised it. The polygraph results proved she did and she knew who had broken into the house. Worse still, she had financially gained from the misery caused to her sister. Carol hadn’t physically stolen items from the house and therefore believed she would pass the test.

The lie detector test in Gloucester caused Carol to lose her only friend within her family. Fortunately, Shaun and Brenda were recompensed by their insurers. It had cost them and they could never replace the sentimental value of the things that went missing. However, they can now move on with their lives knowing their house is safe and that they won’t allow Carol to come in ever again.

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